Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Summary of the Primary Elections

By Moshe Feiglin

Take a look at the picture to the right. It was taken on Election Day at the Likud branch in Holon. I do not know the people in the picture. They approached me at the entrance to Netanyahu's tent and it was clear that they had voted for me. They didn't vote for me because of Migron. That entire issue did not even filter into their consciousness. They voted for me because they are searching for meaning, identity, truth and integrity. They overcame their fear and created a true alternative in the Likud.

Every trick and shtick in the book was used and will be used to try to stop this process; to try to take away our right to choose the faith-based alternative. Quite a lot of the votes of these good people were subsequently stolen in the polls. But the fear barrier has been broken; the faith-based alternative for Israel's leadership has filtered through to the hearts of the nation. No trick will help. Nobody can turn off the light at the end of the tunnel.

"I want to thank you," said my neighbor, Vitaly, a senior executive officer in a successful high tech firm who had taken a day of vacation to be an observer at a voting station in the Galil. "Thank you for giving me the ability to express my opposition. Netanyahu is pushing for a two-state solution and if you had not run, I would not have had any way to tell him "No!"

Why does something so simple and clear generate so much complicated reasoning? Why is it so hard to understand the reality in Israel? Why did we have to spend so much time on this campaign offsetting the damage done by those who called upon the Likud voters to do nothing?

Voting Fraud
A long trail of eye-witness testimony has made it crystal clear that the "official" results of the primary were far from exact and that the excellent results of this vote would have been even better for us if all the votes had been properly counted.

Some of the observers that we sent to the polls to ensure that the votes were being counted honestly got more than they bargained for. One observer had to sit on the ballot box to prevent votes from being stolen. Another observer was physically removed from the room in which the counting was taking place. More and more observers have come forward with stories of apparent fraud.

We have worked hard to prove our claims and have filed an official complaint with the Likud. It is important to rectify this situation and to ensure that it does not repeat itself the next time around – and that is what we intend to do!

How can we thank all of our dedicated supporters and volunteers for their successful efforts to put the faith-based alternative in the center of Israel's political map? A special thanksgiving get-together is in the works, to be held on Wednesday, 29 Shvat (Feb. 22). We will update with location and more details soon. Please save the date. We want to see all of you there!

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