Friday, January 18, 2013

Clearing Up Election Confusion

By Shmuel Sackett

Dear Shmuel,

I've lived in Israel for 3.5 years since moving from the US. This election is my first in Israel. I'm very confused by the poll reports and the candidate statements.

How does a person decide how to vote? There is no way to really know how to make your voice heard. It's totally confusing. The only one who seems to be consistent is Moshe Feiglin. But he doesn't agree with Netanyahu, so will he be able to affect Bibi? I like Mr. Feiglin because he's been consistent and clear in how he views the future of Israel.

The other thing I don't understand about Israel's electoral system is that we might not get who we vote for. This coalition confusion is too weird to understand. So Bibi is saying vote for him, because voting for the parities to the right might give the left a coalition, whereas it's really up to the different party heads what they decide to do. The day after the election when most voters go right, the left might be able to make a coalition so we get left. This can make a person go crazy

So here we are, only a short while from voting and I don't know what to do. Please clarify things for me.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

Dear D.

Your questions are good ones and, even though I have been living in Israel for 22 years, I still have many of them myself!
We all want a strong and proud Jewish state.
We want to stop bowing before the world and we want to stop the weakness and ridiculous policies of surrender.
Above all, we want to stop the flowing of Jewish blood. But will these elections give us the answers we are looking for?

Probably not.

The current system of voting for parties – as opposed to people – is totally ridiculous.
On top of that, no political party in the HISTORY of Israel has ever formed a government without a coalition of smaller parties.
This gives the small parties much more power than they deserve.
All of this makes me nuts since my beautiful country is always being held "hostage" by some small, minority party that the public overwhelmingly REJECTED!!
Yet, somehow, this small party – and sometimes it is a few parties – wind up controlling the direction this country heads.

My question is simple: How do we CHANGE that??? Are we doomed to this crazy system forever or can we actually STOP it and make things better?

The answer is: We CAN change it, but it won't be easy. We need to take the reigns of leadership away from those who are destroying the country and once we have done that, we can – and WILL – change the system! The ONLY way to change things in the political world is via Likud. This is why Moshe Feiglin and I started Manhigut Yehudit and why we entered into Likud to get things done.

Things are not easy there but real changes are never easy.
We need to uproot the evil and rise to serious positions of power inside Israel.

Therefore, we ask that you stick with us in this long and difficult battle.
Do not look just at the short term.
We have a long fight on our hands and with your help we will get the job done.
Vote Likud. A strong Likud is a strong Feiglin and THAT is how we get things done!

With Love of Israel,

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