Friday, May 24, 2013

Moshe Feiglin on Rocks, Missiles and the Nuclear Threat

A rock kills. Period. Whoever does not understand that should go to visit Adelle Chaya (bat Advah) Biton in the Schneider Children’s Hospital. 

I am not willing for my son, son-in-law or any Israeli soldier to endanger himself for politicians who are not willing to decide: Either the Land of Israel is ours and those who throw rocks at Israelis are an enemy who declares war – and must be shot. Or this Land is not ours: And then we must flee back to Warsaw and Morocco. 

If somebody thinks that we must flee Judea and Samaria to buy quiet, they had best remember Gush Katif and the Oslo Accords.

Those who have decided to give the heart of Jerusalem – the site of the holy Temple – to the Moslems, has decided that this Land is not ours. As a result, not only is he incapable of dealing with rock-throwers. He is incapable of dealing with missiles on Tel Aviv, not to mention Iran’s nuclear threat.

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