Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Personal Wealth Not Gauge of Integrity

By Moshe Feiglin

Yesterday, Israel’s Channel 2 asked me to participate in a project in which all the MKs will reveal the worth of their personal assets. I replied as follows:
Why won’t I fill out the media’s financial questionnaire?
No, I do not own more than one home and I do not have hidden assets.
So why won’t I fill out your form?
Because my assets have nothing to do with my integrity. What belongs to me is nobody’s business if it was acquired honestly.
A person who honestly acquired wealth has nothing about which to be ashamed.
The idea behind your questionnaire is that if a person has wealth – he must have stolen it.
Power (money) = evil.  Weakness (poverty) = good.
This is a patently Christian/Communist approach (the opposite of Islam).
In Judaism, the rich and the poor can be righteous or evil – regardless of their financial status.

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