Friday, May 29, 2015

Here Comes a New Round of Fighting in Gaza

By Moshe Feiglin

We are stuck with leaders with no vision and no ability to win a decisive victory. It is not an issue of personality or talent. Most of them are good people and they certainly do not lack talent.  The  problem is that their identity is blurred. And where there is no identity, there is no vision and no goal. When those are missing, no practical talent will help. Even the most adept pilot, the kind of fighter whose aerial acrobatics can keep the national jumbo jet from being shot down by all the missiles fired at it, must ultimately head for a destination. For after all the acrobatics, the jet has to land someplace. The fuel eventually runs out.
Israel’s lack of goal has turned into its strategy. There is no long any regular army threatening Israel. But the IDF is larger and more expensive than it was in the past. How can that be? Because when there is an enemy target, it can be eliminated and victory can be achieved. But when there is no target, there is no enemy. And when there is no enemy, it is impossible to win. And when it is impossible to win, we need more soldiers and Iron Domes and eventually, many more young sacrifices.
So that the politicians can play for more time.
We have been living this bluff for the past 20 years, since we surrendered our real Iron Dome in the Oslo era.
What is the best and most  protective Iron Dome?
The justice of our cause.
When is the last time that you heard an Israeli leader say just two words – two words that every world leader says without a second thought? Two words that no Israeli leader since Oslo has dared to utter: Zo Artzeinu – This is our Land.
Not ‘This is also our land’.
Not ‘Areas A-B-C’.
Simply ‘This is our Land’ – up until the very last grain of sand that the Creator left at our doorsteps since the State was established.
When we firmly cling to our Land, we express our justice.
Every retreat – and every mention of  willingness to retreat – expresses our retreat from that justice.
And when we remain bare of our justice , we create an uncontrollable urge of the enemy to conquer our Land.
What have we received in exchange for all our retreats?
What have we received in exchange for our retreat from the last grain of sand  in Gaza?
Peace? Or just some quiet…
After all, we fled until the very last grain of sand,
Until the destruction of the very last house,
Until the very last miserable settler.
What have we received for saying ‘the enemy is just, this is his land’ when we surrendered Gush Katif?
The support and empathy of the world?
The legitimacy to defend our lives and attack Iran?
And really, why should anybody support the robber who has, in his kindness, agreed to let go of the stolen merchandise? On the contrary – first let him change his evil ways:  the sins of 1948.
When you give up your justice, you are also driven from the city and you also end up eating ALL the rotten fish.
In order to stop  being hostage to Hamas and Iran,
In order to stop paying protection-money to the enemy: monthly truckloads of cash, free electricity and much more: one trillion NIS since Oslo, which is 600,000 NIS for every family in Israel. And all of it is at the expense of Israel’s poor…
In order to stop bringing tens and hundreds of young sacrifices to the ‘peace God’ in endless rounds of fighting…
The time has come for leadership that talks justice.

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