Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Of Landlords and Tenants

By Jason Gold

"I am the landlord here, and if you (Ed. note: "you" meaning Jews, Israelis, etc.) don't like it, you can leave" exclaimed Arab MK Ahmed Tibi from the Knesset podium approximately one week ago. Amazing that in that one sentence, Tibi encapsulated the very root of the current intifada. That is, Jews acting like squatter tenants in their own land and being subverted to the will of the landlord Arabs.

Now if you ask your average Israeli about this analysis, he/she will tell you that you are crazy, it's our land, what is Tibi talking about, the inciter, trouble maker, blah, blah blah. Unfortunately though, Tibi is right.  While the Arabs boldly assert their false claims to the land, how does the Israeli government answer? Most of the time with something like, "we have the right to defend ourselves", or "we have the right to live in security".  When has an Israeli prime minister ever responded with something like, "Gd promised this land to us, time and time again in the Tanach"? The answer is never. Why? Very simple. 

The Arab claim is rooted in their own faith, making it a metaphysical demand. When answered in the mundane without any Godliness, the Arabs look upon the responder with disgust, contempt, and being subhuman untermenschen or infidels.  This is an extension of the physical war now happening in Israel.  It also resolves the contradiction why the Koran states that the Jews are supposed to be left alone in their land and yet why the Arabs attack. Because in the Arab mind, based on the attitude of the secular Israeli leadership, these are not the people of faith, the Jews that received the Torah, or keep the laws. These are faith-denying impostors.  It also means that the Israeli leadership must internalize that they are in a religious war.  Clearly, they are not capable of it, especially people like Peres, Beilin, Avineri and all the other Oslo culprits and supporters with blood on their hands, who brought the degenerate murderer and terrorist Arafat into our land and sowed the seeds for the genesis of this havoc. No, for them to admit this is a religious war that has no resolution save Israel's end, and for that same leadership to respond in an appropriate fashion, might make their heads explode.

But it is not enough to respond verbally in an appropriate fashion, although it makes a good first start.  The verbal metaphysics must also be accompanied by any action necessary to resolutely demonstrate that the Jews in Israel are not here in a defensive or apologetic way. That they will enforce their sovereignty by any means necessary and by doing so, drive home the lesson that the land belongs to the Jews, not the Arabs. For only if the Jew believes that he is in Israel by the will of the Creator, will he be able to change the entire dynamic with the Arabs. Only then, as Feiglin has said correctly and repeatedly, will the Israeli/Jew believe in the justice of his words and then, rather than being a defensive whimperer seeking approval and a head pat from the EU and USA, he will be able to act, rather than react, and enforce sovereignty of a true Jewish homeland, world opinion be damned.

It is the lack of enforcement of sovereignty and the previous double standard treatment of Arabs that manifests itself now. What does the Arab think when he sees that after attacking a "settler" or observant Jew, that the police try their utmost to side with the Arab and treat the Jew as the criminal and less than human? Or when the Jew refuses to build in his own land? For the Arab it is license to kill, maim and take the landlord position. 

When the Arab claimed this week that the Kotel (Western Wall) is his, was anyone really surprised?  Bad enough that UNESCO in their finite wisdom decided that Ma'arat Ha'Machpeila (Cave of the Patriarchs) and Kever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb) are really Muslim holy sites.  We (that is Moshe Dayan) personally handed the Arab Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount) so the only thing that is surprising is that it took this long for the Arab to claim the Kotel as his. Despite claiming sovereignty of the Mount by the Israeli government, the Arab runs amok each day hoarding weapons in the Holy of Holies and destroying any discovered Jewish artifacts in an attempt to re-write history and expunge the two eras of the Jewish Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple).  

But don't totally blame the Arab here.  After Israel won back Judaism's holiest site in 1967 and then gave it back to the Arab one month later, what should the Arab think? Thanks to certain Jewish religious leaders coming up with chumra upon chumra about why the Jew should not ascend to the Temple Mount, why shouldn't the opportunistic Arab grab the site and claim it as his own and then the Kotel as well? What are these Torah giants (and I say this respectfully) thinking when they claim that the Jew going up to the Mount is "agitating" the Arab and must be prevented? Why only since the latter half of the 20th century did these so-called Torah restrictions pop into being? Why didn't these restrictions exist for the Rambam or the Radvaz. Why did Rabbi Akiva Eiger want to bring a korban Pesach on the Mount? What about the daily Chilul HaShem of having the desecration of Gd's holiest site at the hands of the Arab? Do these Torah giants not see this? Do they not realize that it is their calls as well as the maintenance of the so-called "status quo" that is the gasoline being poured on the fire? All of this, from the lack of proper response to the Arab and the lack of law and sovereignty enforcement portrays the Jew as weak in the eyes of the Arab. And weakness is something the Jew dare not show. 

It is the lack of proper response and the lack of proper action through law and sovereignty enforcement that fuels the current intifada. In addition to correcting those however a third definitive action is needed. Recall that before the Israeli Oslo cult imported terrorism into the heart of Israel, Arafat and the PLO were a broken bunch and aside from an incident here and there, there was a relative calm. It was only after the Arab was given the hope of a two-state solution from where he could then plan to wipe out the Jews, did the current situation have its genesis. Therefore the hope of an illegitimate Arab state for a mythical Palestinian people must be taken away permanently with the immediate annexation of Yesha (Judea/Samaria). All Israeli Arabs will then be given the option of staying or be given money and a plane ticket to the new European caliphate in formation or any other Arab land of their choice.  The PA, Hamas and all other terrorist organizations will be deported or eliminated.  And finally, it's time Israel gave the middle finger to the UN on the way out the door while also showing UNRWA, UNESCO and all the other useless and Jew-hating inciting UN cabals, the way out of the country.  All this is needed to tell Tibi et al and the world one thing. We are the landlords here and the Arab is on a month to month lease.

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