Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bushehr in Exchange for Yitzhar

In the face-off between Mahmoud (Achmadinijad), Hussein (Obama) and Bibi, the first two can chalk up a major victory even before the game begins. Mahmoud doesn't have a bomb yet, but Netanyahu is already running to drive Jews from their homes and destroy their villages. Hussein Obama, who released the trial balloon called Bushehr in exchange for Yitzhar can also congratulate himself on two big wins. Netanyahu paid lip service to a strong, independent Israel, but his actions show that he has accepted Obama's Bushehr for Yitzhar principle. He also accepted another of Obama's principles: that the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state is open for negotiation. Netanyahu attempted to make negotiations with the Arabs conditional on their acceptance of the fact that Israel is a Jewish state. But he folded as soon as Obama refused to buy into this pre-condition. When the negotiations begin, the principle of a Palestinian state will be irrefutable. But a Jewish state? What's that?

"It is possible that we will have to take down illegal outposts as the US is requesting - so that we can focus attention on the Iranian threat."
(Binyamin Netanyahu, this Monday to the Likud MKs)

And really, why should we fight the Americans? It is certainly much simpler to fight the Jews. The world will once again watch with delight as the bulldozers flatten Jewish homes and will say, "Hmmm - it looks like Achmadinijad is right! Even the Jews don't believe that Israel belongs to them!"

One thing is certain. Destruction of the outposts will do nothing to relieve Israel of the Iranian threat. The US will not attack Iran just to show its good will toward the Israeli leaders who betrayed their nation and their land. Netanyahu is hinting that the destruction of the settlements will unite the nation and allow him to attack Iran. But he will never attack without the green light from America - as per the commitment that he has already made to the US. Hussein Obama will never allow Bibi to attack Iran, just as Johnson did not allow Eshkol to conduct a pre-emptive strike in 1967 and just as Truman did not allow Ben Gurion to establish the state in 1948 (and also implemented an arms embargo that could potentially have completed the Final Solution in the Land of Israel).

As opposed to Eshkol and Ben Gurion, though, Bibi is captive to American mentality. He lived in America for years, studied and worked there and if not for the political opportunity that he saw in Israel - would have remained there. His Jewish mentality and ability to rely on G-d are sorely lacking. Bibi will never make a decision to attack Iran without US approval. Obama will not approve. He is pro-Islamic. It simply will not happen. We will drive ourselves out of Judea and Samaria. We will open the gate wide to our expulsion from the entire land. And we will also get Iran's payload in our faces.

The good news is that a storm is brewing within the Likud Knesset faction.

Most of the Likud MKs are rightists - Manhigut Yehudit played a key role in getting them elected - and they are already fighting against Bibi's plans. True, there is no deep understanding in the Likud (or in any other party) of the depth of the danger hovering over our heads. The Likudniks are still relying on Boogie Ya'alon and Benny Begin, neither of whom understands the proportions of the crisis.

Former Chief of Staff Ya'alon must certainly remember the rules that every budding officer learns in his training. If you are off course, do not attempt to get back on course from the middle of the wrong track. Go back to the beginning and correct your error at the start. Reliance on half-solutions and the attempt to relieve the pressure by claiming that the Arabs do not want peace have already been tried by every Israeli government until Oslo. The approach that failed for Begin in Camp David, Shamir in Madrid and Rabin in Oslo will not suddenly succeed for Ya'alon and Benny Begin.

Nevertheless, the hearts of the majority of the Likud MKs are in the right place. They are the only politicians who, at this stage, can save the day. It is important for us to show them that they have strong public support for the political struggles that await them.

And there is just one way to do that. Now is the time to register for the Likud.

We cannot expect a politician - as supportive as he may be - to commit political hari keri. If we want to see a real struggle against the destruction of Judea and Samaria inside the Likud we must prove to the MKs that they have widespread support and that they can count on loyal voters to vote for them the next time elections are held.

If you are already an Israeli citizen and have not yet registered for the Likud, there is no time to lose. Click here, print out the registration form and fax the completed form to our office at (Israel) 09-792-0570, or mail it to our office at:
POB 21
Ginot Shomron
But that's not all. Register your family and friends. Print out 10 more forms and register your co-workers. It may not sound like much, but it is the most effective way at hand to prevent Israel's destruction.

For more information or for help with filling out the Hebrew form, call our office at (Israel) 09-792-9046.

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Dr. Sanford Aranoff said...

No one can tell Jews where they cannot live! We have to fight anyone who dares practice this anti-Semitic act of restricting Jewish living! In the 1930's Jews did not fight Nazi orders to avoid living in certain regions, in order to have peaceful relations. It did not help! The main thing we must fight for is freedom! "Give me freedom or give me death!" is the motto of Americans, not let us be friends and not have freedom!

Let us not let America tell us that for the sake of peace Jews cannot live in certain areas, which the Arabs call the West Bank. Let us remind America that when the Governor of Alabama did not let black people have the freedom to go to certain schools, the American government got very angry and brought in guns forcing the Governor to let black students in the white school.

In 1974, I was very angry with the left-wing Israeli government that did not give freedom to Jews to live in the newly conquered territories, and participated in an all-night demonstration. Well, when the right-wing Begin government came into power, they denied the right of Jews to live in the Sinai. Later Begin's student, Sharon, used force to evict Jews from Gaza. They were all wrong in not insisting on freedom.

In 1951, my parents bought a home in Miami Beach, Florida, signing a deed that stated that they could not sell to black people. In those days, black people did not have the freedom to live where they choose. America has fought bitter struggles to let people have freedom. America never played it cool, saying that peace is more important.

Today also when America tells Jews not to build "settlements" in certain locations, let us tell America as clearly and explicitly that we will NEVER agree to such a terrible condition, even at the cost of economic sanctions by the world. Our freedom is paramount. First freedom, and then discussions about peace.

Yes, Jews must be allowed to live in the center of Arab towns and openly practice Judaism without fear. If trouble happens, the army must intervene, and arrest the bad people. Israel must stop being a country of two people that do not live together, and go to separate schools.

Many Israelis say that areas called "Palestine" by the Arabs is really areas that Jews have lived for millennia, and which God promised to Jews. This is not the point. The point is that whatever the reason is, we must absolutely insist of freedom of living wherever before we can talk about peace.

The big mistake America is making in the world is the neglect of religious freedom, as mandated by U.S. law. The International Religious Freedom Act, over 10 years old, mandates that the promotion of religious freedom be a central element of U.S. foreign policy. Thomas F. Farr discussed this in Foreign Affairs March 2008. We must focus on freedom, including religious freedom, and then discuss what we can do to get the conflicts resolved.