Friday, May 08, 2009

How to Save Israel from the Impending Danger

By Moshe Feiglin

In PM Netanyahu's video message to the AIPAC convention in Washington, he emphasized that during the negotiations with the "Palestinians," Israel will once again raise the issue of recognition of the State of Israel as the Jewish state.

Whatever Netanyahu's reasons for making that statement, and despite the fact that he already retreated from his condition for recognition before the start of negotiations, the fact that the PM repeatedly raises the issue is important. We hope that above and beyond any negotiation strategy, the PM and his advisors understand the critical intersection at which we find ourselves. In the wake of the Oslo process, Israel has essentially lost its legitimacy and the justification for its existence as a Jewish state. Negotiations will begin with Israel recognizing the legitimacy of the "Palestinian" state, but the "Palestinians" not recognizing the legitimacy of a Jewish state.

And the "Palestinians" are not alone. Obama has already declared that Netanyahu's opening demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is not reasonable (and Netanyahu beat a hurried retreat). Europe and the Third World countries have naturally followed suit. Israel's Left claims that Netanyahu's demand is unnecessary. But that is typical. The Left never wanted a Jewish state in Israel in the first place.

Anybody who still has a drop of nationalism in his bones understands that retreat from the basic principle on which our state was founded - the return of the Nation of Israel to history as a sovereign in its ancient homeland - paves the way for the destruction of Israel - whether through peace or through war.

" I believe that with the cooperation of President Obama and President Abbas, we can defy the skeptics," said Netanyahu in his videotaped speech to the AIPAC assembly. Netanyahu did not say Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Abbas. He said President Abbas. Those who still think that the Prime Minister elected with the votes of the national camp is planning to protect Israel from the dangers of a Palestinian state should note that Netanyahu's English is nearly perfect. He called him "President" - and essentially established a "Palestinian" state.

There is no reason to remind Netanyahu of the speeches that he made not that long ago enumerating the dangers of a Palestinian state. His actions throughout the election campaign and ever since have shown that he has no intention of ruling Israel. All that he wanted was to get the rightist voters to put him in the prime ministerial chair and then to ensure his position by selling actual control of Israel to the Left. Sad to say, Prime Minister Netanyahu is a pitiful puppet of Peres and his cohorts.

The reality unfolding before our eyes is all too reminiscent of the horror films of the Sharon days and even the days of Shamir and Begin. The Likud is in power, it destroys settlements, the Left sings the PM's praises and the only effective political opposition is within the Likud. It is crystal clear that the small right wing parties do not concern Netanyahu, just as they did not concern Sharon. The only place that it is possible to stop him is within his own party. Remember where the real political battles before the Expulsion took place. Where did Sharon sweat? When he had to face off against the Likud "rebels" and the Likud referendum? Or when he heard the toothless speeches of the NRP and National Union?

We have now come full circle - back to Manhigut Yehudit and the Likud Central Committee. If you have read up till here and have not yet registered for the Likud, you can go to one thousand demonstrations and protest marches with the clear knowledge that you have ignored the one fundamental, relevant political act that can possibly reverse the situation.

Soon, the debates on refusal to obey orders will start again. We will talk ourselves blue in the face about blocking traffic, our approach toward the IDF, to the rabbis and to the Yesha leadership. All the miserable memories of the Expulsion will become reality once again - this time on a larger scale. Will we have the political intelligence this time to carry out the one simple political act that can change the current course of events?

In the previous elections, large numbers of Judea and Samaria residents voted Likud. This means that our numbers in the Likud Central Committee will significantly grow. (The Judea and Samaria votes for Likud instead of National Union or NRP did not change the political configuration. Both the National Union and NRP endorsed Netanyahu as their candidate of choice for PM. What the vote for Likud did accomplish was to strengthen our position on the internal Likud arena). Mass registration for the Likud now will give the Likud MKs loyal to the Land of Israel the political power they need to face off against Netanyahu and to save our Land and our state.

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