Thursday, December 23, 2010

Foreign Policy for the Future

By Moshe Feiglin

16 Tevet, 5771
Dec. 23, '10

Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper

The request to lecture two weeks ago before a delegation of rightist European parliament members visiting Israel took me by surprise. I do not even buy German products, the very sound of spoken German gives me the chills, I have never set foot and never will set foot on German soil, and I oppose the Israeli high-school Holocaust tours. What possible connection can there be between me and this delegation?

Not only that. This was a nationalist, rightist parliament delegation - politicians that the media like to portray as Nazis. My natural instincts dovetailed with political expedience and my logical conclusion was to keep my distance. What do I need this for? Wouldn't it be wiser for me to follow the example of all the other politicians in Israel and evade any dialogue with this delegation?

But there is a rule that I always follow: When a hot potato comes your way, it is always worthwhile to see how the Left relates to the issue. Then, after a thorough investigation, do the opposite of what the Left does. So if the Left is demonstrating against this delegation - the same Left that trumpets every legal or illegal meeting with the most diabolical murderers of Jews in our generation - if it is so important to the Left to distance this delegation from here, then there must be something important and positive about them that deserves my attention. Boycotting everybody and everything is a childish privilege affordable only to those who are not interested in taking responsibility and leading.

A thorough investigation showed that these parliamentarians are not Nazis. On the contrary, they are the best friends that Israel and the Jewish Nation have today in Europe. But this fact alone would not convince me to meet with Germans. There is another, more significant reason.

The world-wide public that is loyal to its identity is buried deep in the dungeons of the world - the world that was once called "the free world." Officialdom is completely controlled by the despots of disintegration: the Left. It is an all-out post-modern war against anything of substance; nationality, family, G-d - everything.

There is no nationality. The Arabs did not set our forests on fire. The hookah did.

Pass the hookah, filter out all the incriminating news and stuff the entire arson war that raged through Israel's forests on Chanukah into its hollow pipe.

Pass the hookah, and let us hide the national war that is searing Israel deep inside, where it cannot be seen. Let us cram the Jewish Nation into there for good measure, as well.

Just put out the fire, get the Ministry of Truth back into control and make sure that all the doors to the dungeons in which we are buried are locked shut.

But above dungeon-level, everything is collapsing. Here in Israel, in Europe and in America. In all these places there are forces that strive to return to their essence. Amalek is not the only player in Europe. There are also noble values there. Our role as Jews who are entrusted with perfecting the world is to filter out the good, guard it, nurture it and yes - with proper care - even find values worth adopting. We do not endeavor to destroy the world in the name of Allah, but to perfect the world in the Name of G-d.

When everything collapses both here and there - and it will collapse, for a fire cannot be doused without water - we will have to emerge from the dungeon and build a new world.

This is already happening. It is hard for me to describe in words the distress signals that these parliament members were communicating. They are all strong and successful. But to me, they seemed as if they were reaching out from amidst the flames. They understand that their children - not their grandchildren, their children! - will either have to become Moslem or die. No exaggeration.

What should we do? Should we ignore all the forces that, parallel to us, are emerging from the dungeons of the world? Or should we begin now, with caution and true national pride, to weave the bonds of the future and plant them on the proper values system? After all, that is exactly why the Left defames all those who meet with them - so that it can continue to divide and conquer.

The delegation did not have an easy time with me. As opposed to other voices that they heard, I was careful not to ask for anything and not to try to convince them of anything. Our status is that of the giver - not of the potential receiver.

"You are the last true obstacle in the face of Islam," I told them. "Jerusalem belongs only to the Jews - including the Temple Mount, where we will ultimately build our Holy Temple."

When one of the representatives asked how there could be peace without negotiations on Jerusalem, I responded with such shock that he immediately apologized for even thinking to ask such a question.

I explained my feelings toward them honestly - including the need to express our stinging historical memories of Europe in political and practical terms. They did not have an easy time with me. But nevertheless, they heard the real truth, which is what they sought. My words starkly contrasted what they heard from others: empty overviews and pathetic attempts to convince them that we are really the pitiful underdogs of the world.

I do not think that Europe and America have much of a chance. Most likely, these healthy forces have woken up after the horses have fled the stables. But nobody knows how the history of the once-free world will develop. If rising leaders in Europe and America who share common values and a common enemy will be willing to come en masse to Israel and declare that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount belong and are holy exclusively to the Jewish Nation, we must stretch out our hand to them in friendship.

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