Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tomorrow is Here Today!

Our new Hebrew magazine, Tomorrow was distributed two weeks ago in Israel. In each edition, the magazine will analyze a particular facet of life or society: brotherhood, foreign relations, education, leadership, traffic accidents, Israel's army, housing and more. The ideas that we propose are not meant to be the final word. Instead, we would like to open up a lively discussion on how a truly Jewish state should function in the particular area being discussed. Although we may not yet have come up with the perfect formula on all the issues, the very discussion is revolutionary.

With G-d's help, there will soon be an English version of Tomorrow on the web. The Hebrew website is:

How will Israel Look Tomorrow?

The first issue of Tomorrow has been born, and with it, great hopes and relentless doubts. For after all, this magazine represents a new concept: A magazine that deals with the future and not with the present. Like every new thing, it can become part of our lives or, by the same, token, nothing more than a fleeting episode.

Tomorrow will present a prototype of the Jewish State as those loyal to the spirit of Judaism would like to see it. Tomorrow will present an alternative to the State of Israel as we know it today. It will explore topics like regime, foreign policy, security, morality and justice, economics and society and all the other factors that go into a state's identity and mold its image.

Tomorrow will explore the future - both near and distant. It will be more in favor and less opposed; more practical and less theoretical; more tomorrow and less today. The goal is to bring about a change of consciousness in Israeli society towards a state that is more Jewish and more ethical.

The ideas will be presented as proposals for discussion. We would like to open the floor to anyone who sees himself part of the wondrous return of the Nation of Israel to its historical homeland. This return requires us to think out of the box and to propose breakthroughs in various fields. To accomplish this, we need all the stores of our creativity from all facets of Israeli society.

We are an old nation and we carry our ancient wisdom inside. This wisdom is a treasure chest of potential for new, inspired life. It can be actualized if we are committed to authenticity, creativity, attentiveness and honesty. In this way we can create an open and comfortable space on which to hold receptive and profound discussions. We will present the questions, contend with the doubts, break stereotypes, listen to our hearts and be in tune with our logic. And with G-d's help, we will succeed.

The Editors

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