Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Arab Spring and the Jewish Spring

By Tuvia Brodie

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  In nature, it suggests fragrance and flowers.  In international politics, it is a metaphor for uprisings in the Arab world—The Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring, however, is confusing.  For example, the West says the Arab Spring is about democracy and freedom.  But how can that be? The Arab has never learned about democracy and freedom. These concepts are foreign to him. After watching Tunisia, Libya and Egypt turn increasingly to anti-democracy Islamic radicals, the West seems destined to be disappointed with its definition of ‘Spring’:  a tree that never existed can never renew.

But the Arab  ‘Spring’ is indeed real. It is pregnant with hope and possibility.  It promises the Arab a rebirth of what once was theirs-- the real opportunity to exterminate the Jewish state.

They have reason to be hopeful.

The Nazis made a mistake. While their goal was clear—eradicate the Jew—they mistakenly thought that what they needed to succeed was the silent acquiescence of the nations. With that silence, they thought, they’d take care of the rest. Clearly, that strategy failed.  The Arabs have made a similar but opposite mistake: they never sought anyone’s acquiescence; they simply ignored everyone, thinking they could destroy the Jewish state by themselves.

The Arab has now learned his lesson: they and the Nazi are wrong.  The Jew is too powerful. He cannot be destroyed by one enemy. He cannot be exterminated by a powerful nation seeking silent acquiescence, and he cannot be wiped off the map by an enemy who ignores all others.  The Jew can only be destroyed when nations act together, uniting in a common, shared effort.

This is why the Arab turns to the United Nations. The UN will mid-wife his dream. The UN is why the Arab is so hopeful.

Giving birth is never easy. It is painful. It requires effort.  A mid-wife is often  necessary; sometimes, a mid-wife spells the difference between life and death.

So it is with the Nazi- Arab dream: the key to fulfilment is a proper mid-wife. 

The UN can play that role because that august body is built upon a powerful ideal: world peace.  The UN and its adopted brother--the Left--have struggled for decades to define UN goals. They have, for example, written new International law. They have redefined the rules of war. They have redefined ‘justice’. They have redefined ‘peace’. Today, the UN knows what it wants—and how to get it. It wants a Leftist-inspired world peace where a favoured class makes the rules (recall Communism). World peace—and its required corollary, social justice-- are so important that their implementation must over-ride all other considerations. This is why, for example, the UN feels so strongly that Israel, an unfavoured class in its Region, must yield to the favoured in its Region.  It is also why, while the UN states that ethnic cleansing is illegal, it remains silent when Arabs speak of ethnically cleansing Jews from their new ‘Palestine’: peace and justice for the Region’s favoured over-ride all other considerations.

Do you object to this characterization of UN goals? If you do, you are reactionary. You believe in ideals that no longer exist. You ignore how UN Commissions (with Leftist help) have rewritten rules according to a Leftist Gospel. You ignore reality.

The new reality is, the Jew doesn’t belong. He believes a G-d no one accepts. He believes in a nation no one wants.

The Left has worked hard at the UN to renew itself. Today, that Left unites with the Arab. Their definitions and goals merge: Israel is the cause of terrorism (Jenny Tonge, British Leftist, November, 2010). Peace—and Social Justice--are possible only when the world destroys the cause of terrorism.  

The Jew, meanwhile, dreams of Redemption. Israel was once a united national kingdom where the presence of G-d revealed itself; we dream that, through Redemption, that status will be renewed. It is our ‘Jewish Spring’.

 Our religion teaches that, at the beginning of our ‘Jewish Spring’, the nations turn against Israel.  Is it coincidence that Israel is delegitimized at the UN?

Our Heritage teaches that our Redemption will show the world that Peace comes only through the G-d of Israel. Is it coincidence that the UN and the Left want everyone to think,  ‘world peace’?

Is it coincidence that the UN promotes discussions of world peace—and, simultaneously, Israel’s demise? Isn’t this one way the G-d of Israel can be revealed as Supreme, by defending Israel against this  ‘peace conspiracy’? 

The moment has arrived: as the UN and the Left work for ‘peace’, the war against Israel begins. That war is called, ‘For World Peace and Social Justice.’ It requires the collapse of Israel.

Perhaps this is how the Jewish Spring begins.

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