Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moshe Feiglin's Parting Words at his Father's Funeral

Editor's note: As Yaakov Tzvi Feiglin's funeral was on Pesach, no eulogies were allowed. Moshe did say a few words of parting, reprinted here:
My dear and beloved father,
My prince
The most noble of the noble
A rare breed from other worlds

From a world of innocent childhood in the sands of Hadera
From the shores of the Kinneret
From the Herzliyah school of old

A rare breed from a world of modesty, a world of respect for others,
A world that knew what it means to shoulder the yoke of responsibility
A descendant of Chassidic rabbis and pioneers.

You built and ran a large factory, a business that spans the world. You once said to me:
"I cannot lie. If I lie, everyone will see it on my face." You proved that one can succeed like that,
Truly succeed!

You chose the right time, Father, to emerge from slavery to freedom,
And you held our hands close to your heart and whispered to our tear-filled faces,
"Be happy!"

Again and again you whispered and said, thank you, thank you, thank you
And I, because of the joy of the holiday, cannot eulogize you, Father,
I remain, as you requested,
Happy and thankful to G-d for giving me such a father, to walk in his light
Till the end of my days.

May your soul be bound up in eternity.

18 Nissan, Pesach 5772

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