Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leave the Likud? Of Course Not!

By Shmuel Sackett

One of our supporters asked that I reply to the comments made in an email below which is flying around the internet.

Please read the email as well as my response.



Some Priorities for a New Nationalist Camp
Prof. Paul Eidelberg

First and foremost, Mr. Feiglin—may he live and be well—must be persuaded to leave the Likud and join with other to establish a United Front on behalf of Eretz Yisroel. So long as Feiglin hitches his star to the Likud, he divides the nationalist camp and undermines his own Jewish principles.

Second, a concerted effort must be made to unite the nationalist camp behind a new and comprehensive program, one that includes a youth movement that vehemently calls for:
(1) Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, hence abrogation of Oslo;
(2) a Jewish Democratic Constitution with authentic institutional checks and balances, which requires (a) separation of the Legislative and Executive branches of government; (b) a unitary Executive elected by the people; (c) limitations on the powers of the Supreme Court;
(3) Reactivation and vitalization of the Foundations of Law act that makes Jewish law primus inter pares with other systems of law now affecting judicial rulings—hence, explicit rejection of the monstrous dictum “everything is justiciable,” a dictum that violates not only democratic and Jewish principles, but the very concept of the rule of law.

Here is my (Shmuel's)  response:

Short answer: Been there, done that.

Long answer: What does a “NATIONALIST CAMP” mean?
Do you include the Haredim – who abstained from the Ulpana vote because as their MK Eichler said, “When is the last time the Dati Leumi helped the Haredim so why should we help them?

Shas – who supported Oslo?

Lieberman – who is pro Palestinian state and wants to bring more pig (“bassar lavan”) into Israel?

Basically, what this nonsense calls for is for all the “orange camp” people to unite and form a party. The problem is – as soon as you do that you may certainly be a “CAMP” but you no longer interest the “NATION”. You are an outsider. A “one issue” party. You affect nothing, change nothing, influence nothing and ACCOMPLISH nothing.

The only way, repeat: THE ONLY WAY to make the changes we are looking for is from I-N-S-I-D-E Likud.

This does not “divide the national camp” as Professor Eidelberg says; it UNITES the Nationalist camp into the ONE PLACE where things can actually get done.

What does divide the nationalist camp is when Professor Eidelberg runs as a separate party called “Yamin Yisrael”. That party – which he claimed would receive over 60 mandates – divided the nationalist camp by pulling AWAY thousands of votes that went straight down the toilet. His party did so poorly in the elections that they did not even pass the minimum number of votes to get into the Knesset and all those votes were washed away. Now THAT is called “dividing the national camp”.

Moshe Feiglin, on the other hand, has called for people to join Likud. Less than 6 months ago there were elections for the head of Likud. It was between 2 candidates: Netanyahu vs Feiglin. As we all know, Netanyahu won - but do we know how many votes separated these 2 men? About 20,000. Imagine that for a second.

Had 21,000 Nationalists joined Likud instead of all the parties that are now history: Yamin YisraelTechiyaAchiMoledetTzomet and about 10 others, the head of Likud T-O-D-A-Y would be Moshe Feiglin.

Do you think we would be having this discussion if that happened?

Do you think the residents of Givat Ulpana and Migron would be sleeping better if – already today – Moshe Feiglin would be the head of Likud?
THAT’S the way; the ONLY way to go.

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