Thursday, June 07, 2012

Not What You Think

By Shmuel Sackett

On your next trip to Israel, please do the following: Talk to as many people as possible.

Trust me on this one: You will enjoy it more than snorkeling in Eilat or climbing Masada.

Just talk to Israelis, and not just the ones that look like you.

Talk to the guys with earrings, the girls with tattoos, the Sefardim, the Ethiopians, the cab drivers, the security guards and the waitress in your favorite coffee shop.

Ask them questions about their Jewish identity, what they think about the 200,000 Sudanese who infiltrated the country, how they feel about Gush Katif – now that they know the results – and what they truly want for their children.

Their answers will shock you.

You will do a double, and even a triple take when listening to them.

Simply put, you won’t believe your ears.

You will discover how the overwhelming number of Israelis want Israel to be strong, proud and connected to its Jewish soul.

These beautiful people will tell you how upset they are at their education for teaching them everything - except what it means to be Jewish.

They will tell you how important Shabbat is to them, even though they don’t have a clue as to what that concept truly means.

They will tell you how they keep kosher, never eat Chametz on Pesach, fast on Yom Kippur and believe in Hashem.

After these conversations – especially when they totally blow your mind by telling you how they want to see the Bet Ha’Mikdash rebuilt in their lifetime – you will be confused.

How can they think this way – yet look this way?

How come their actions don’t match their dreams?

Dearest friends, the answer is not with them, but with us. These holy Jews – yes, even the girls with the tattoos – have been lied to and stolen from.

Their leaders have robbed them, misguided them and used them as pawns in some international political chess game.

The only answer for them is Manhigut Yehudit – The Jewish Leadership Movement.

Our goal is simple: To lead these wonderful Yidden towards the goal that our Father and King has set for them.

This goal is to be part of a Nation that has returned to its land in order to build the palace for the King and to spread the light of that Kingdom throughout the world.

For 2,000 years our grandparents prayed for this to happen and for some reason – beyond our knowledge – we have been chosen to be the generation during whose time the prayers are answered.

What an awesome privilege!

What an incredible opportunity!

But what an amazing responsibility.

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