Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Build a Gallows for the Jew

By Tuvia Brodie

Our Jewish heritage teaches that there appears in every generation an enemy who seeks to destroy the Jewish people. From Lavan to Haman, from Pharaoh to Hitler, they attempt to fulfil their wicked plots.  Today, Ahmadinejad carries that torch.
As this tradition of hate rises and falls, there is one constant: the Jewish people survive.  Today, we are a modern light unto the nations because of our science and medical technology. But our survival is also a lightning rod for a born-again revival of ancient hate. As previous Jew-haters have tried to exterminate our people,  Ahmadinejad would exterminate our sovereign nation. He is not alone; his war against Zion is part of a world-wide call for peace. The argument is simple: for world peace, destroy Israel. The Left, the UN and the EU plan for peace by announcing that the greatest enemy of peace is terrorism; then they declare that Israel is the sole cause of that terrorism.
Their war for peace is the war against Israel. Do they build a gallows for the Jew?
History seems to put the Jew at stage-centre, much like a heroine in a Hollywood silent film—harassed by evil and tied to a rail while an on-coming train bears down menacingly. In the end, evil fails as the heroine is saved at the last minute. So it is with the Jew. Often, those most evil are destroyed by the very machines they create to kill Jews. Haman in the Purim story is hanged on the gallows he had ordered built to hang the Jew Mordechai; and Hitler’s Aryan Germania was itself mostly raped and partially enslaved by the very nation—Russia—it had sought to rape and enslave.
Jew-hate awakens. An evil cabal becomes so arrogantly confident it does not hide its intent. It publishes maps that do not depict a new Arab state alongside the Jewish state; it prints maps of a new Islamic state in place of the Jewish state.
No one cares.
The evil cabal does not tell its ‘people’ about building new highways and communities in a new state; it declares instead that Tel Aviv and Haifa and Ashdod are Arab land, and Jerusalem is an Arab capital.
No one cares.
The evil cabal builds a virtual gallows for Israel when it announces that Jews will be cleansed from their new state—and no one objects.
Each worldly silence to such evil becomes another plank in the gallows for the Jew. Each refusal to stand against this evil strengthens that gallows. Does such silence suggest a coming peace, or does silence in the face of evil suggest a prelude to war?
 Will the world really get its peace if the Jewish nation is nuked, as Ahmadinejad suggests?
Ask Muslims and Christians. In each of these religions, the destruction of the Jew is the central event—the Ultimate religious denouement—of a Final Revealed Religious Glory.  For both religions, there will be a new world order when the Jew disappears. The Left shares this dream.
The world builds a gallows for the Jew.
Of course, the world has a problem: Muslim peace is not Christian peace and, as we all learn in kindergarten, two people cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It seems that both religions are so focused on damning the Jew, they neglect to consider fully what happens after that damned Jew is gone. Do you really think that after the Jews are dead these two religions are just going to shake hands?
That’s not what their Holy Books describe.
The Jewish Holy Book is different. It contains the original Final Story. The others share its details, but the Jewish Story contains an original twist: when the Jewish Ultimate End unfolds, the great powers joining to destroy us will indeed join hands to attack Israel, just as we see happening today. But in the Jewish story, a funny thing happens on the way to Jewish destruction:  the powers that oppose us begin to argue. They dispute. They turn on each other.
As the evil of this world prepares a gallows for the Jew, could Iran decide to strike out against America or Europe by closing the Strait of Hormuz or sending killers to Western population centers? What would the West do in that case?
 I don’t know about you. But all this talk of killing Jews for Islam or destroying Israel for world peace doesn’t seem to me to be just about Islam and the West deciding independently to attack the Jew. It’s all too coincidental. It seems more like a universal Introduction to a universal end-game. All three religions talk about this story. All focus on the Jew. Two religions hang the Jew, one doesn’t.
Will that gallows be for the Jew—or someone else?

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