Friday, April 12, 2013

Look who’s watching Jewish Liberals

By Tuvia Brodie

US President Barack Obama’s pre-Passover 2013 visit to Israel is now ancient history. As usual, Israelis will deal with whatever follows. They’ll be okay. What happens to Jewish Liberals, however, is not so clear.   
Since 2008, Jewish Liberals, by definition self-hating Jews who despise their  culture, their faith and their Gd, and worship liberalism rather than Judaism have led the parade that has made Barack Obama ‘Israel’s greatest friend’. They were the ones who told the President he must push peace onto Israel.  They trumpeted his receiving a Nobel Prize for Peace before he’d lifted a finger for peace. They assured him that a two-state solution was possible. They assured him that Israel was responsible for that solution. They assured him that peace would come if Israel were pressured.
They ignored fact. They ignored reality. Instead, they gave the President a Hollywood fantasy.
For the Jewish Liberal, Obama’s trip to Israel was a dream-come-true. Recall the Homepage for Americans for Peace Now. They called upon the President to use his ‘remarkable’ skills to bring peace and security to Israel. The J Street Homepage couldn’t tell us often enough how desperately they wanted the President to bring peace.
It didn’t work out that way. The President went to Ramallah and the Arabs practically rioted. Wherever he went, Arabs rose to spit their hatred at him.
What happened?
What happened was, these apostate Liberal Jews betray their hero and encourage Jew-hate by turning their backs on Israel. They reject fact to promote lies. They fill with such self-hate they have come to suffer from a political manic-depression (metaphor adapted from Sherman Alexie): in their manic stage, they tell lies to the world, claiming that the Arab is right, the Jew is wrong and Israel must be coerced into ‘peace’. Then, in their depressive stage, they actually believe these lies—and are consumed by an irrational guilt for supporting an Israel which wouldn’t do their bidding.
Convinced they had found the true gospel for peace, they told the President that their fantasy was truth: ignore the Arab; pressure  Israel.
But the real truth began to leak out just days before the Israel visit began. A Gallup poll released on March 17 in America showed overwhelming American support for Israel—64% of respondents leaning towards Israel, just 12% leaning towards Arabs. As if to underscore the reason for this truth, Arabs—the next day, March 18--in Bethlehem threw shoes and garbage at vehicles arriving from the US Consulate in Jerusalem. Posters of Obama were ripped down and spat upon.
Could Americans and Arabs know something Jewish Liberals don't?
That same day, March 18, the official Palestinian Authority news outlet, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, published an editorial. That editorial didn’t praise Obama. Instead, it blamed the United States for the 9/11 World trade Center attacks—and praised Adolph Hitler.
On March 19th, the day before Obama landed in Israel, a poll in Israel revealed that 80% of Israelis do not see peace anytime soon.
The next day, as Air Force One flew to Israel, the AP reported, with an air of pessimism, that ‘US officials have set expectations low for the [President’s] trip’; the White House then stressed that ‘there is no peace initiative to be presented by the President’. Suddenly, it appeared that the President had become cautious regarding the Jewish Liberal fantasy.
Nevertheless, Jewish Liberals did what they do best: they ignored reality. They celebrated their President’s trip with a delight few others shared. The J Street and American Peace Now Homepages gushed over the visit. They gushed over the possibility to push Israel. They ignored the fact that the Arabs rejected their peace dream. Then, they ignored Arab hate. Instead, they re-affirmed their demand that Obama press Israel into a ‘two-state solution’. They didn’t care what Arabs did.  
The AP’s ‘air of pessimism’ was nowhere to be seen.
Now, the entire world sees how Jewish Liberals have betrayed their President. After all, the world will claim, these Jews fought hard to push the President into Israel. They cheered the President into Ramallah. They set the stage so that world news outlets could report how the US was loved by Israelis and reviled by Arabs.
No wonder Jewish Liberals are depressed. They’ve just shown how utterly irrational they are; and they did it in front of the entire world. Worse, once they stood on that stage, they pushed their best friend, their chosen Savior, the President of the United States, under the Arab bus.
The Jew-haters of the world are not going to forget that. They will not forget what these Jews have done to the image of America’s Chosen One.
Jewish Liberals ignore it all. Instead, they now attempt to sell their fantasy directly to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: they send him a letter urging him to yield to those who cannot stop announcing they want to eliminate Israel from the world map.
Jew-haters watch these Jews with interest as Jewish Liberals will prove useful to their goals time and time again.

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