Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I See the Process that Led to the Gush Katif Expulsion Again Taking Place Before My Eyes

Translated from the Srugim website

MK Moshe Feiglin, who voted against the budget, laments the hesitance of his Likud and Bayit Yehudi colleagues to do the right thing to prevent the release of jailed terrorists. In an interview with Srugim, he says: We were sent to serve in the Knesset by people who do not want to see the release of terrorists. “If another 3 or 4 MKs would have done what I did (voted against the budget) it would not have happened. The budget would not have been rejected, because Netanyahu would have backtracked.

By Tomer Nir
Feiglin: I asked one of my colleagues from the Likud today if 4 or 5 additional MKs would have done what I did, would the decision have passed. He answered that it would not have passed. It is important to understand: If you do not use your political power in a truthful manner, as expected of you by your voters, in order to prevent this terrible act – we all know its results – then you have done nothing. You have achieved nothing.

In the Likud and the Jewish Home they will tell you that a Coalition MK who votes against the budget will face repercussions and sanctions, such as those that have already been applied to you: No legislative proposals, no cooperation from the coalition – nothing.
I don’t know what they are afraid of. We were sent to the Knesset by people who do not want to see terrorists being released. So what are they afraid of?

I look at the Arab MKs and see how they persevere for every house, every crumb and for everything. I see the process that led to the expulsion from Gush Katif taking place in front of my eyes. Each time, people think that if we let the murky wave wash over us and cooperate with it, at least we will still be here to deal with the next wave. But then you have less legitimacy and less power to deal with it. In the final stage, when you already have to say no, you will be exchanged for the Labor party, or other parties. And then what? It will be very embarrassing.

We could have stopped the terrorist release on Sunday and the entire “peace process” that is taking place. Instead, all the good MKs – and they are good – make do with beautiful declarations about killing terrorists and how much they oppose the planned release. But when it comes to implementing the political act that can actually help, I am alone. It is very painful.

This is the juncture at which the public that believes in the Land of Israel and the Nation of Israel must pressure its representatives in the Knesset to do what they were sent to do. I assume that you also understand the implications of 100 vicious murderers being released. If another three or four MKs would have done what I did today, it would not have happened. And if there would have been sanctions against Israel as a result? It would be fine.

What is the alternative? Let us assume that the Jewish Home leaves the government. The Labor party or Ultra-Orthodox parties will join, and we will not be able to influence anything.
The other alternative is that we surrender sovereignty at the Temple Mount, that we do not build in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria and that we release terrorists while we are in the coalition. That’s an alternative? If you did not use your political power to block this process, then you are responsible – there’s no getting around it. 

The budget law would not have been struck down, because Netanyahu would have backed down from the decision to release terrorists. 

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