Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Next Prime Minister Of Israel Will Bring His Own Dishes To The Sink

By Jeff Kelman

Barbara and I were privileged to host Moshe Feiglin, the newly installed Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, for a very special meeting in our home. Moshe is in the US while the Knesset is not in session, on a most important information sharing program and fund raising mission.

Moshe arrived at our home following a rather tiring day of meetings. He was supposed to have dinner before the get together but there was not enough time. At the conclusion of Moshe's most inspiring message, which was attended by close to 30 very special people from our community, we were able to sit down to the wonderful dinner Barb had prepared. It was past 10:30PM when we finally finished eating. All of a sudden Moshe Feiglin, the next Prime Minister of Israel, stands up and brings his dishes from the dining room to our kitchen sink.

Can you imagine any other world leader doing such a thing? Can you imagine Barak Obama bringing dirty dishes to your sink, in your home? These are the qualities of the man who I pray will be the next Prime Minister of Eretz Yisrael. But most importantly, this how Moshe behaves during this time when he himself fully believes that he WILL be our next Prime Minister.

In every way possible, Moshe Feiglin's actions last evening left me even more convinced than ever that this man will be a Blessing for every Jew in the world.....not only for Israel.

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