Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moshe Feiglin Appeals to Coalition MKs: Vote Against Coalition Until Terrorist Release Shelved

By Moshe Feiglin

To my friends and colleagues in the Coalition:

Terror has struck once again - this time in Psagot - and a small girl was injured. The attack in Psagot is part of a chain of events that began with the abduction and murder of the solider Tomer Hazan, HY"D - that almost turned into another Gilad Shalit story - and the murder of First Lieutenant Gal Kobi, HY"D.

Two months ago, when the Knesset was voting on the budget, I called upon you, members of the Coalition, to stipulate your vote in favor of the budget on the PM's guarantee that no terrorists would be released. It was clear to me that this terrorist release would increase the motivation for the terrorists and breed more terror and death. To my great sorrow, I remained alone. Now, when it is already clear what happens when terrorists are released, do you not feel responsibility to prevent the next terrorist release? It is in our hands. All that is needed is for a small number of MKs to announce that they will stop voting with the Coalition until the prisoner release is off the agenda. (The next scheduled release is in two weeks). That is all that has to be done to stop the unleashing of more terror in our Land.

If you truly want to stop the terrorist release and the intensification of abductions and murders - all you have to do is to use the political power in your voting finger to create a safer reality for all Israelis.

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