Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moshe Feiglin: In Knesset Winter Session, I Will Advance Identity, Liberty, Meaning

19 Cheshvan, 5774Oct. 23, ‘13

Today the winter session of the Knesset begins. For the first week, I will be focusing on getting the medical marijuana law that I initiated passed. On Sunday, the legislation will be deliberated upon in the Ministerial Legislation Committee. The law says that when a doctor determines that his patient needs cannabis, the State must authorize the patient to use it. It's so simple that it is hard to believe that we need a law like that. Why, for example, can't hundreds of people suffering indescribable torture from shell shock get cannabis, which has been proven to significantly reduce their symptoms?
In addition, I plan to continue to advance all the issues that fall under the categories of identity, liberty and meaning that I began working on in the previous Knesset session.

Identity: Family, community, Land of Israel (and more)
Liberty: Free market, education of choice, volunteer army, human rights and more
Meaning: Jewish identity and the Temple Mount

I look forward to serving the Nation of Israel to the best of my ability!

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