Monday, July 14, 2014

Faith-Based Discourse Will Bring Peace to our Region

By Moshe Feiglin

Radical groups are attacking the battle orders sent by  Givati Brigade Commander, Colonel Ofer Vinter, to his soldiers. Instead of speaking in defeatist concepts like ‘containment’ that have taken over the IDF, the Brigade Commander chose to speak to his soldiers in terms of faith and Jewish identity, heaven forefend.
The Givati Brigade Commander is being attacked because he dared to remind his soldiers – and the rest of us – that the IDF is not a foreign UN force, but rather an authentic, indigenous, Jewish army.
Colonel Vinter- who in his brazenness dared wrote the sentence, “ Hear O’ Israel, G-d is our G-d, G-d is One” in an army document – is telling us that the war in Gaza is not between the justice of the Arab cause and Israeli technology. At its most basic level, this is a war between the justice of the Arab cause and the justice of the Jewish cause.
Vinter well knows that his soldiers represent Israeli society, the vast majority of which is very connected to its Jewish identity and faith –albeit with different levels of practical observance.
This is not religious coercion. It is a fresh breeze of connection to our identity and language, from which the nation and its army draws its long-term strength.
This faith-based discourse, when it spreads, is the only discourse that will bring peace and quiet to our region.
“I know that the Land of Israel is yours,” said a very senior Arab to me. “It is also written in our Koran. Our problem is with the faithless Jews – not with you. With you, we can come to mutual agreement.”
The driving force behind Hamas is theological. Faith-based discourse is the only answer to their violence. The Givati Brigade proves that the IDF can be the modern, professional and disciplined army that everyone loves – as well as an army that is well-connected to its identity and the justice of the Jewish cause.
The Nation demands Jewish justice. We have no other justice with which to go into battle.

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