Monday, July 14, 2014

There are also Arabs who Love Israel

By Moshe Feiglin

There are other Arabs in Israel, Arabs whose voices are not being heard above the violent and brazen words of most of their representatives in the Knesset. More and more loyal Arab citizens are making contact with me. The following is a letter that I received from one of them.

To MK Moshe Feiglin,

My name is…., and I am 23, a Christian Israeli Arab. I would like to strengthen you and your approach. Your ideology and human integrity are worthy of appreciation. I am a bit of a strange bird in our society (which is Arab, nevertheless).  I truly, truly love my country, the State of Israel. I am proud to be an Israeli and I laugh at all the Arabs who are disconnected from reality and call themselves Palestinians. All the events that have happened in the past weeks, particularly in the past two painful days and the tragic end of the boys, of blessed memory, make me wish that there would be someone strong here who would take control over what is happening. He would dictate the agenda, and not the crazy, radical Islam that is running amok through the world.

I would like to strengthen you and your approach because I want to live here quietly. I say with perfect faith and a complete heart that with the approach in which you believe, this will happen.

I would be happy to invite you over to meet us personally.

You are they type of politician that is becoming extinct. It is good that there are people like you. You should know that your truth represents a different sector that what you are used to thinking. I salute you, amen, with G-d’s help may better days come upon us.

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