Monday, October 13, 2014

The Israeli Government Will Ultimately Invite Jews to Pray on Temple Mount

By Moshe Feiglin

“This morning”, MK Moshe Feiglin wrote on Monday,  “I had the merit to ascend to the Temple Mount. For the first time since the Sukkot holiday began, the police pushed the Arab rioters inside the El Aktza mosque, blocked additional rioters from accessing the site and cleared the Temple Mount for Jewish visits.”
“The ascent to the courtyards of our Temple should be accompanied by joyous song, drums and musical instruments,” Feiglin noted. “Instead, we heard small explosions and shots being fired into the air by riot police, who were blocking the rioters from exiting the mosque. The Temple Mount must be thoroughly cleared of the wild rabble. They should not be allowed to step foot on the Mount and should not be able to seek refuge in their ‘holy’ places,” Feiglin asserted.
“Despite these issues – which must be addressed immediately – hundred of Jews finally, joyously ascended to the Temple Mount today,” Feiglin continued. “In their merit, exclusive sovereignty on the Mount will be restored to the Nation of Israel and the State of Israel will invite all the Jews to come to the Temple Mount to pray.”

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