Thursday, November 06, 2014

MK Feiglin: Israeli Retreat from Sovereignty on Temple Mount Will Bring War to Entire Country

“When ‘security officials’ point an accusing finger at the public representatives who lawfully take action to preserve Israel’s sovereignty in the heart of its capital – the forsaken Temple Mount – they reward terror and ensure its escalation,” said MK Moshe Feiglin. “According to the logic of the anonymous officials, Israel’s first PM Ben-Gurion was a pyromaniac when he declared Israeli independence and triggered an escalation of violence.”
“An Israeli retreat from its sovereignty on the Temple Mount will not stop at the gates of the Mount,” Feiglin continued. “Israeli society must decide if it is willing to pay the price of preserving its sovereignty on the Temple Mount and in our entire Land.”
“The Temple Mount front is not the cause of the war; it is the place where the war is currently being conducted. The weakness displayed by the ‘security officials’ on the Temple Mount is bringing the war front to the entire country,” Feiglin concluded.

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