Thursday, November 06, 2014

Why they Tried to Kill Yehuda Glick

By Shlomo Vile

Last Wednesday’s shooting of Yehuda Glick wasn’t just another attempt to kill Jews.  There were other Jews within a few feet of Glick when he was gunned down, but the murderer was only interested in killing Yehuda.  Why was he so specifically targeted?  He holds no political power.  He has no army of followers. He runs a small non-profit organization, and he’s a sweet human being who has few if any personal enemies.  This was an assassination attempt, but Yehuda is not a typical assassination target.
At the Temple Mount Conference Wednesday night, Moshe Feiglin made the point that our enemies actually know us far better than we know ourselves.  They know that “He who controls the Temple Mount controls the Land.” They know the depth of our connection to Har Habayit, the Temple Mount, and that scares them more than all our military and police forces.
Yehudah Glick was a target because he was focused on the point of greatest leverage in our conflict with our enemies.  He embodies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.   His attempted assassination should confirm our conviction that regaining our sovereignty there is truly the central issue of our time.
Many people at the conference spoke about the ongoing and so far unsuccessful battles with the authorities to allow us to pray on our holy site.  Moshe Feiglin made the point that shortly after he becomes Prime Minister, our right to pray there will be guaranteed.  The battles will be over.
I suspect that here, too, our enemies know us and the power of our prayer on that site better than we do.  They feel that our presence and our prayers on the Temple Mount are very threatening to their entire position.  They are probably right.  Every Jew who goes up and prays to G-d there is probably striking a major blow against the forces of darkness.
The Dome of the Rock is an area that is Halachically off limits to Jews – unless, like the paratroopers in 1967, you’re a Jewish warrior fighting to conquer Har Habayit on behalf of our nation.  Moshe Feiglin is our warrior.  His weapons are his status as a representative of the Israeli Knesset, his air of authority, and his power of prayer. 

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