Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Want to Stop Future Terror Flotillas? Use an EMP

By: Yoel T. Israel

Unique terror attacks call for unique solutions. Previous terror flotillas have led to bloodshed and unearned international condemnation. The attacks resulted in Israeli soldiers naively boarding the flotilla as if they were not expecting the terrorists to try to kill them. As a result, nine terrorists were killed in self-defense. Only Israel could mishandle a terror attack knowing well in advance exactly when and how it was going to occur.

The goal of the western terrorists is the same, whether it is BDS, anti-Jewish lies on university campuses or the terror flotillas that breach Israeli waters - the goal is to delegitimize Israel and prevent the Jewish people from self-defense.

Israel consistently thinks it can reason with brain-washed ignoramuses who are hell-bent on the death of the Jewish people. When Israel is soft against terror and delegitimization, she is giving the impression that we are on the same moral level as those who seek to destroy us. That is why it is extremely important to stop rolling with the punches and go on the offensive. This does not always mean bloodshed is needed, but it does mean that Israel needs to use out-of-the-box ways of defending ourselves. This is why I propose in the future Israel should use an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to stop future terror flotilla.

An EMP is a perfect weapon to use to defeat the flotillas. Without causing any damage to humans, the EMP will fry all the circuits on the boats. This includes the navigation, radar, internet and most importantly the terrorists’ live PR campaign, shutting everything off instantly. This has the ability to halt the awaiting terror on flotillas without having to board the boats or causing any physical harm to the people aboard.

Here is how I would propose Israel using an EMP to deal with the challenge of people trying to liberate Hamas terrorists in Gaza. First, like other time, we announce that they are entering Israeli waters, then give them a second warning stating that they will be stopped if they proceed. After a third warning Israel should fly a drone over the flotillas and use an Electromagnetic Pulse to neutralize all technologies and fry all circuits in the fleet. This will immediately stop their PR and social media campaign, navigation and most importantly stop the flotilla in its tracks. This will immediately change their vessels into large canoes. Everything will go dark, no harm will be caused to the terrorists on board, and Israeli soldiers will have no need to board. We can then tow them back to the country they came from. To top it off, we can drop “Made in Israel” food and water on the flotilla after they start to go hungry, let’s see them boycott that.

My solution to use an EMP will not just literally stop the terrorists, it will prevent any confrontation, let alone bloodshed. Most importantly, it will also send a very strong message to the other western terrorists who try to threaten Israel and strengthen Hamas in Gaza. I am fairly confident that this proposal has the ability to stop future terror flotillas and above all change the narrative without international headaches. Or we can toughen up and treat terrorists as terrorists, sinking the ships after a warning that they are entering Israeli territory.

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