Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Arab Role in the Holocaust

By Rananah Goldhar

The Nazis Promised the Grand Mufli of Jerusalem to Help Prevent Jewish Immigration Into Palestine 

The Mufti’s Jihadist role in WW2 is recorded by the great Holocaust historian, Nordau Prize Winner, Dr. Abraham Fuchs who wrote:

“At the end of the summer of 1941 , when a huge number of the Jews of Eastern Europe had already been murdered, R’Shlomo Gross (leader of the Jews, Center in Bratsilava,) told Rabbi Ungar, the rabbi of Nitra, about the relationship which had developed between him and (S.S.)Dieter Wisliceny and the conversations they had held concerning the problems of the Jews and their emigration abroad. Wisliceny had told him that he and Adolf Eichmann (S.S. officer, head of Gestapo’s Secion IV B4 which dealt with the expulsion of and extermination of European Jewry) wanted to establish a private agency for the emigration of the Jews overseas (Judisches Reise Bureau). According to the proposal, one thousand Jews would be permitted to cross the border into Spain daily for $1,000.00 per family. From Spain, the emigres would have to make their own way overseas. In ther conversations, Wisliceny revealed that the Germans had promised the Grand Mufli of Jerusalem (Ha-jj Amin Al-Husseini – the Arab religious national leader) that they would help the Arabs to prevent Jewish immigration into Palestine and so the attachment of the Jews to Palestine would be broken for ever. Wisliceny explained that it was not, therefore, possible for the Jews to to emigrate to any state in Europe or Africa or even to Madagascar, because from all these places they would still aspire to get to Palestine. The only possibility, therefore , was to emigrate overseas to the American continetnt. When Wisliceny said that the Jews would travel in railway trains composed of freight cars, Gross asked him why they could not travel in ordinary passenger trains. Wisliceny’s response was “ If the Jews do not want to travel overseas in frieght cars, they’ll travel in them to the slaughterhouses.” This was the first clear threat from a German representative that the Jews would be tranaported in frienght cars to be exterminated.”

S.S. officer Wisliceny – special advisor on Jewish affairs - warned the Jews they had very little time to come up with the money and American visas because the Germans were planning to meet soon in order to decide how to solve the Jewish problem. The desperate attempts of Rabbi Weissmandl and other Jewish leaders were unsuceessful and negotaitions were broken off close to Chanuakh. Within weeks on January 20. 1942, The Wannsee Conference took place where the Nazis decided on the “final solution”. Thus the Mufti’s insistence that the Germans could not let the Jews flee to Palestine – when the rest of the world had closed its doors – propelled the Geman decision to commit genocide.

Later in the war Rabbi Weissmandl’s “Working Group” was able to negotiate for the release of 1000 children from the death camps and again S.S. Dieter Wisliceny told them that the children’s destination could not be Palestine because of the Mufti. Wisliciny described the Mufti as “the leader of the Arabs in Palestine, the close cooperator with Himler, and one of the people responsible for the Final Solution.” .

The Arabs also Played a Key Role in the British Decision to Illegally Block Jewish Immigration into Palestine – the Jewish Homeland.

The Jewish Homeland had been renamed by the Romans as “Palestine” after the Philistines, an ancient People unrelated to Arabs today. As describe above, the Mufti played a major role in preventing Jews from leaving Europe for Palestine-Eretz Israel at a time when there was no other destination for Jews to flee from Nazi extermination.

However, also during the pre-war and war years, the Arabs were key in the British decision to bar the Jews from entering Palestine. The Jewish de jure right to sovereignty from the Jordan River west to the Mediterranean Sea including Judea and Samaria ( recently known as “the West Bank”) had already been recognized under international law beginning in 1920 with the San Remo Resolution. While the tiny sliver of the ancient Homeland was returned to the indigenous Jewish People – after the longest occupation in history - over 96 % of the previously Ottoman Empire in Middle East was given to the Arabs. The 1922 British Mandate, committed Britain – under international law - to facilitating the return of the Jews to their ancient Homeland and it forbade the ceding of any land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea to anyone other than the Jews.

However theThe British instead allowed huge numbers of Arabs to enter Palestine, who then falsely claimed they were the native people. The British used this false claim of historical roots, as well as the barbaric Arab violence – similar to today – to justify their illegal barring of Jewish immigration. One example of the illegal Arab immigration was cited by the Syrian governor who testified that in 1933 – in a period of just 3 or 4 months – between thirty to thirty-six thousand Arabs had entered Palestine, from Syria alone.

Today the combination of the Arab lie of national historical ties to Israel, and barbaric violence, continues. Western leaders back the jihadist “Occupation Myth” despite the fact that their countries - as part of the League of Nations - had unanimously voted for the Jews to reconstitntue their National Homeland in Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. This League position was inherited by the United Nations and confirmed in its own Charter. Article 80 of the UN Charter protects forever all rights granted to ‘peoples’ in previous international agreements. These include the right of the Jewish People world-wide to the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterrnanea including Judea and Samaria, also erroneously known as “the West Bank.”

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