Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Israel-Bashing Industry's "Intellectuals"

By Giulio Meotti

  • But today, these novelists hold a deep, uninformed, irrational hatred. Instead of backing the only country that gives full rights to all its citizens, they are instrumental in attacking not only Israel but the Jewish people.
  • What is notable is that every single time, these most illustrious writers "forget" to say why Israel built those fences, checkpoints and roadblocks in the first place.
  • Mr. Saramago, while he was visiting Ramallah, chose not to see and talk about the Israeli restaurants, shopping malls and hotels turned into carpets of human bodies. The wholesale slaughter of Jews was the only reason Israel had to send tanks and soldiers back into the Palestinian cities after the Oslo Accords. Saramago did not mention the context; he preferred to give credence to a distorted, demonizing vision.
Nobel laureates who demonized: German novelist Günter Grass (left), who served in Nazi Germany's armed SS force, claimed that Israel that threatens Iran with a nuclear genocide. Portuguese novelist José Saramago (right), stated during the second intifada that Israel's blockade of Ramallah was "in the spirit of Auschwitz" and "this place is being turned into a concentration camp."
What is the only country about which can be said that its very existence is disputed? Clue: Not Zimbabwe, not Tuvalu, not even overrun Tibet. Which country's boundaries, bought with blood in wars initiated by others, are challenged by all nations, who now seem determined to destroy it through boycotts, unjust defamation and purported "laws" that are applied to no other nation?
Which country fully respects the rights of women and every kind of ethnic, religious and sexual minorities, notwithstanding that it is condemned at the United Nations for being "the worst violator of women's rights" -- worse than Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan?

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