Thursday, December 15, 2016

An Open Letter to the Heroes of Amona

By Moshe Feiglin

To the beloved settlers of Amona, I salute you!

In truth, I didn’t think that you would find the strength to stand up against the all-too-familiar thrashing of the sector’s functionaries and rabbis. This thrashing is the factor that had tens of thousands of Religious Zionists marching around the fences of Kfar Maimon instead of continuing on to save Gush Katif. It is this thrashing that cooperated with the process of harassment and destruction on Ulpana Hill, Migron and Ramat Gilad. It is the thrashing that takes all the wind out of our sails, constricts the soul, and empowers despair. This lowly spirit has turned every Jewish home in the Land of Israel into a Lego block, a leaf just blowing in the wind.

The ‘solution’ proposed to you – in other words, instead of suffering the guillotine, you would be allowed to slowly starve and be humiliated until the same end – was nothing more than a solution to save face for your politicians. When I heard your politicians explaining that the ‘solution’ was actually an ‘historic achievement’ and the most honorable rabbis, who once again do not understand the big picture, urging you to accept, I was sure that you would not withstand the pressure and you would agree to the proposal.

But now, a short while ago, I heard that you have remained free. That you are not willing to cooperate with this evil and stupidity. You understand that this type of ‘regulation’ proposal is actually an endorsement of the lack of legitimacy for the very existence of Jews in any place in the Land of Israel. You understood that the monster that brought this to the world will not be satiated with your personal destruction – but just the opposite. You understood that the monster must be killed - not fed – and that if the decree has been decreed, at least you should not volunteer to slide easily down its throat (and absolve the functionaries of responsibility).

My heart goes out to you. Young couples who suddenly find themselves so alone and so “extreme”. Your strong stance is invaluable and who knows how many Jewish homes you have saved with your excruciating and brave decision.

I cannot offer you anything in this time of trouble except for one clear oath. The Zehut party, under my leadership, will not remain for one second in a coalition that will destroy even one Jewish home in the Land of Israel.

With Love and Admiration,

Moshe Feiglin

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