Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time for Mr. Netanyahu to Speak

By Tuvia Brodie

Is Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an observant, Shomer Torah U'Mitzvah, G-d fearing man? We don’t know.  He does not appear in public doing anything ‘religious’, other than the occasional photo-op for an observant audience or a Jewish holiday.

Why is he silent about his religion?

The Jerusalem Post reports (May 25, 2012) that Mr Netanyahu recently hosted a Bible-study group to analyze the Book of Ruth just days before the holiday of Shavuot. During that meeting, he spoke of the Bible as “a parable for humanity”.  Does this mean that he understands the connection between G-d and the Jewish nation? We don’t know.

We know very little about our Prime Minister’s religious belief. He certainly doesn’t talk about it. Besides a few remarks here or there, and some standard references we occasionally see, this Jewish leader of the world’s only Jewish state appears before the world completely silent about his G-d.  Why is it that the last person to publicly invoke G-d's name in the Knesset stating that Israel's existence is testimony to G-d's promise was former United States President George W. Bush?


How many people in the world believe in G-d—three-an-a-half billion? Every one of these individuals believes that G-d exists. They believe that someday they will see miracles. They believe in prophecies that will, they hope, come true. They hunger for a G-d who is real. They hunger for a G-d like ours, One who literally turns His Prophesies into reality--through the miracles associated with modern Israel. Doesn’t it therefore make sense that the leader of such a people should speak to the world of such a G-d?

Who else can offer so much proof that their G-d keeps His Promise?

The world hungers for such a G-d.

As a result of the creation of modern Israel, we have become the world’s political focal point—and our Jerusalem attracts the attention of three-a-half billion G-d-seeking people. Both Israel and Jerusalem are universal icons. The nations cannot stop talking about either one.  They seem fully aware of what the G-d of Israel has wrought. They look to Israel. They look to Jerusalem.  We are the epicentre of their religious universe.

This is the pulpit that Mr Netanyahu stands upon. He commands the world’s attention. Why does he publicly ignore what is so obvious—his G-d’s majesty? Everyone waits to hear him speak-- and he is silent. 

This is a problem for Mr Netanyahu because, whether or not he understands or accepts G-d, he is the spokesperson for G-d because he leads the Jewish nation. He represents G-d’s people to the world. He is, in other words, connected to G-d whether he likes that or not; and the world knows it.

Worse for him, the world will not let him forget his G-d.  The world obsesses over his G-d.  Some powerful people are offended because the Promises of the G-d of Israel have become reality. The G-d of Israel is a competitor. They believe that in the race for G-dhood, there is no second best.  There is room on the podium for only One—and they don’t want that One to be the G-d of Israel. They would like to destroy that competitor G-d. But they know they cannot do that—so they choose to do to the next best thing: destroy His people.

To wage their war against G-d, they war against Israel.

Others reject G-d altogether. They say He is not real. They proclaim Man to be the Master of the Universe.  G-d is a myth. Only Man is real. Their greatest competitor—their only competition, really—is the G-d who has proven He is real: the G-d of Israel. These people have the same goal as those above. They cannot destroy that G-d so they seek to destroy His Chosen, His beloved.
To deconstruct the G-d of Israel, they delegitimize the nation of Israel.

These two groups are eager to attack. Each believes he can achieve his goal by attacking in his own way. Each preaches his gospel with a religious fervour.

Whether Mr Netanyahu likes it or not, he defends Israel in a war against G-d. It really doesn’t matter what he believes about G-d. His job is to lead the fight for G-d. His problem is, while he may understand how to wage a political or diplomatic war, he may not understand how to fight a religious war.  The Prime Minister we see is politically competent; he has proven that. But is he spiritually competent? Does he understand the role G-d plays in this international drama against Israel? Is he ready to fight for G-d—or is G-d, for him, just a character in a parable?

The world watches us. Everyone wonders: why is the leader of G-d’s people so silent?

Deep down, three-and-a-half billion people understand that Israel fights in a war against G-d. They want to hear from the leader of G-d’s people.

They wait.

It is time for Mr Netanyahu to speak. If he will not, then there are those waiting who will.

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