Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Next?

Thank G-d, since this winter's elections for chairmanship of the Likud, a fresh breeze has been blowing in the Likud. Those elections significantly advanced the faith-based alternative and its legitimacy inside the Likud. Everything that has taken place in the party since then is a direct continuation of this change.

This Sunday at the Likud Central Committee conference, Manhigut members Gideon Ariel and Avi Goldreich spontaneously announced their candidacy to run against the PM for presidency of the Likud Conference when it looked like MK Danny Danon was going to withdraw his own candidacy. Other members have gone out on their own to politic and make connections in their Likud branches. The MKs and ministers are well aware of this new trend and today, the "Feiglin camp" includes many activists who did not register for the Likud through Manhigut Yehudit.

The approximately year and a half that we now have until the elections will not be restful. No horses are being returned to their stables, we are not turning off the engines and not going on vacation. With the pressure of the instant-elections that had been forced upon us, we discovered a number of issues that need strengthening.

First and foremost, voting status. Too many of our members have problems with their voting status and would not have been eligible to vote if elections had been held as planned. Now is the time to register for the Likud if you are an Israeli citizen and have not already done so. If you are a registered Likud member, please make sure that you are eligible to vote. If you discover that you are code 99, which means that there is a problem with payment to the Likud, now is the time to get everything back in order. And finally, if you are registered in a Likud branch far from your current place of residence and would like to vote near your home, now is the time to make the move. Click here to resolve all of these issues.

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