Monday, July 02, 2012

Oil, Lies—and a Piñata

By Tuvia Brodie

Have you ever been to a piñata party? The piñata is stage-centre at the party. Its purpose is to get whacked, usually by a stick. Party-goers take turns whacking until someone bursts open the hollow, releasing the candy. The moment the piñata bursts, everyone cheers.
It’s a lot of fun—except for the piñata. Nobody mourns  the piñata. They’re too busy diving onto the floor for candy.
So it is with Israel.  A poster in the Guardian of England declares, “For world peace Israel must be destroyed.” The world wants peace -- and they want Israel for their piñata. They’ve been whacking at Israel for years. Now, it’s party-time. The party even has a guest-of-honour—the ‘Palestinians’.  They can’t wait to burst Israel open, to scatter the contents.
But the moment this political piñata bursts, the Arabs will not be scrambling for candy. It’ll be oil—and the celebrants will not be ‘Palestinian’. The ‘Palestinians’ will be crushed. They’ll be sacrificed for the oil. Ask American Attorney Mark Langfan. He’ll even spell it out for you in three-D ( Jerusalem Post, A walking three-dimensional advocate, Arieh O’Sullivan, May 27, 2012; and Arutz Sheva, Three dimensional kits make Israel’s case crystal clear staff, May 29, 2012)). According to Langfan, the dream of destroying Israel comes with a nasty side-effect: it will trigger a nightmare for everyone.
You can read about Langfan in the articles above. What’s important here is that he highlights what Maurice Ostroff (The Times of Israel, May 29, 2012) and Melanie Phillips (Daily Mail, May 28, 2012—see  both wrote about during the same week the Langfan stories appeared: in today’s  world, truths about Israel are called lies, and lies are truth; Langfan shows us the consequence of building international peace policy on lies about Israel.
His thesis begins with the unpopular observation that Israel does not cause Middle East instability. Instead, he argues, Israel creates stability, for its presence keeps the Region from going up in flame. Why would the Region go up in flame?  If Israel disappeared, there would be war. Her territory would become the desired crown jewel for Egypt, possibly Syria (depending on the outcome of the current chaos there) and certainly Iran, all far more powerful than the ‘Palestinians’. Langfan may not go in this direction, but we know from an Israel Radio interview (see Israel capable of producing 250 billion barrels of oil, Ben Bresky, Arutz Sheva, March 20, 2012), that the chief scientist of Israel Energy, LTD (a retired chief scientist of Royal Dutch Shell) believes that within Israel’s land borders there lies perhaps 250 billion barrels of shale oil. This is a reserve—separate from the sea discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean—that equals Saudi Arabia’s reserves.
In other words, ‘Palestinians’ aren’t the only Arabs lusting for Israel.
Langfan says that Egypt has 80 million people whose average annual income is approximately $4,000USD. Egyptians starve. Langfan may not say this, but Egypt will be desperate for that oil--to feed herself. One Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Egyptian presidency has already announced that if he wins the Egyptian presidential election, the capital of Egypt will no longer be Cairo, but Jerusalem (Arutz Sheva, Muslim cleric: Jerusalem to be capital of Egypt under Mursi rule, June 9, 2012). Iran will want that oil because that asset, added to her current reserves, would make her the world’s greatest oil-producing country.  Iran wants a world Caliphate, and by occupying Israel’s geography-and-oil, she could attempt to control world oil prices, as part of her drive to defeat the Satanic West.
In the world of Middle East oil politics, ‘Palestine’ isn’t even an afterthought.
Based on this assessment, one could conclude from Langfan that the ‘Palestinians’ would lose everything. They would either become part of Egypt or be taken over by Iran. Either way, they lose their autonomy. They will certainly celebrate Israel’s destruction. But they’ll then become a vassal-state to Arab tyranny that will be far, far worse than Jewish ‘occupation’. ‘Statehood’ will transform  ‘Palestine’ into a virtual ‘refugee camp’.
With Israel gone, regional Arab powers have much to gain killing each other for that oil. But if Israel disappears, the West suffers. Israel’s demise would be an Arab dream-come-true—and the West’s horror-show.  Why? As Melanie Phillips suggests (above, ibid), the world sees Israel through a prism of lies. Every truth is distorted. If the West sees Israel through such a prism, it will not protect her. For Langfan, however, Israel isn’t some expendable wasteland. She is the linchpin for world security. In a world based on oil, Israel is the geopolitical-military keystone that assures world economic stability. She keeps tyranny at bay. The longer she lives, the more stable the world remains. Read Langfan’s presentation. Do you understand what happens when you destroy an arch’s keystone?
The truth is, the world prepares a catastrophe for itself—and ‘Palestine’-- on lies about Israel. If nations insist upon uniting against Israel, the price they pay could be of Biblical proportion.
You should remember that the next time you talk about Israel.

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