Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yitzchak Shamir, o.b.m.

All four of the prime ministers elected from the ranks of the Right in Israel were blessed with important talents and characteristics. But Yitzchak Shamir was the most talented of all. He was the only one of the four who did not surrender a grain of the Land of Israel to foreigners. Shamir also expressed his disappointment with the fact that the Religious Zionists were not taking responsibility to lead the nation.

Shamir was not free of mistakes – even strategic mistakes. His decision to leave the response to Sadaam's scuds to the nations of the world was his most serious error. (See Moshe Feiglin's article, "Learning the Lessons of Shamir's Mistakes )
But in these days of surrender to pressure from within and without; days in which our government capitulates to every threat and passing temptation, we will all miss the little man who was as strong as the emery (shamir) stone.

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