Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Threshold of Greatness: Do You See what's Real?

By Tuvia Brodie

The Jewish nation is unique.  More than 2300 years ago, the content of our Bible‹the Tanach‹was selected and approved. Since that moment, Jews everywhere have had before them the recorded predictions of G-d: Jews living in Israel would sin grievously; they would be exiled; they would be scattered among nations; they would be persecuted; their land of milk and honey would become desert; that land would remain a desolation for all who entered; the Jews would return to their land; the desert would blossom again; Hebrew as a language of everyday use would be reborn; a Jewish religious revival would occur;  Israel would become distinctive; she would be a success; she would rise like a lion against her enemies;  and finally, in the days preceding Israel¹s ultimate Destiny, the nations of the world would turn against her.
These are the words of our Tanach. These are predictions Jews have read and re-read for 2,300 years. These predictions are now fact.
No other nation can tell such a story of dispersal, desolation, persecution and rebirth. No other religion can match such a record of ancient prophesies fulfilled. No other people have returned to a land filled with surviving historic evidence of their ancient glory. No other G-d has such a list of promises kept.
The G-d of Israel lives. The proof is before us. History is our witness: at least fourteen ancient prophecies have become fact.  Promises recorded more than 2,300 years ago have become history.
And yet, denial is stronger than truth.  Man's commitment to denial‹his irrational pseudo-religion‹is so strong that, no matter the weight of the accumulated historic evidence, many refuse to hear. They refuse to see. They refuse to affirm that the G-d of Israel has indeed foretold our history. Instead, they affirm that the G-d of Israel cannot exist. Why do they deny?  The evidence is before them: G-d has turned prophesy into fact. What could be better proof of G-d¹s Truth than that?
It doesn't matter. The power of denial destroys Man's intellect: the Tanach cannot be correct. It cannot be real. G-d Himself can't be real because the Jewish narrative of Israel is a lie. It must be a lie‹for otherwise, the G-d of Israel lives; and as we all know, there can be no G-d.
Really? What happened to Man¹s rational capacity to observe, consider evidence and acknowledge truth--however uncomfortable that truth makes him? When rational Man sees more than a dozen ancient prophecies become historic fact across 2,300 years, does he honestly acknowledge such truth or does he use his intellect to reject reality?
G-d accurately foretells 2,300 years of Jewish history; Man denies it. G-d declares that Israel is His beloved; Man denies it. Instead of acknowledging reality, Man rejects it. Fourteen prophecies come true; Man scorns the G-d of Israel. Man will not acknowledge G-d's Power because he turns against G-d's beloved. Man calls Israel intransigent and cries for Justice‹but only for aggressor Arabs who have brought sorrows upon themselves by repeatedly starting wars they lose.  As G-d shows He is True, Man uses his intellect to delegitimize G-d's chosen. Man will not confront G-d. But he will empower those who want to destroy Israel.
Man blinds himself with denial. Irrationally, he denies history. He chooses lies‹and then celebrates his intellect.
Here's proof:  in the last two years alone, the Arab has asserted that there has never been Jewish ownership of the Temple Mount, Rachel¹s tomb is a mosque, Joseph's Tomb is Islamic, Hevron has no Jewish roots and Judea-Samaria has no connection to Jews whatsoever. These assertions celebrate Man's intellectual capacity because only Man has such power to choose lies over truth. Only Man-the-self-appointed-supreme can believe that Arabs are innocent victims, Jews are immoral oppressors and the G-d of Israel doesn't exist. Only Man can design a peace that posits that Jews are Zionists; their Zionism causes terrorism; and peace is possible only after the cause of terrorism is destroyed.
Only Man can celebrate the Arab lie over G-d. Only Man can celebrate denial.
But when Man denies, we should remember: Man is irrational. He is not supreme. He lies. It is the Jewish Tanach‹not Man‹that accurately predicted how Jewish history would unfold over more than 2,300 years. It is the Jewish Tanach‹not Man‹that identifies Jerusalem as our capital. It is the Jewish Tanach‹not Man‹that declares that the G-d of Israel will record in his Book of Deeds who is for Israel, who against; who is for truth, who lies.
Today, Israel does not stand as an outcast before Man. Man lies. Israel stands--as predicted-- at the threshold of her Destiny. Everyone has his role to play in the unfolding drama of our Destiny and, as recorded more than 2,300 years ago, each player plays his role as foretold.
Do not follow Man. Man is irrational. Man cannot foretell. Instead, he lies. Follow G-d. Read your Tanach.  Read‹and marvel at the virtual statistical impossibility of so many ancient prophesies becoming real.
Marvel at G-d's Power.

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