Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Letter: Moshe Feiglin will Transform Israel


There are so many worthy tzedakos that I hear from on a regular basis. And recently with Sandy here and the almost-war
in Israel, I received a much more than usual amount of requests. When I make the decision to allocate a portion of my maaseir money
to MY, this thought process invariably passes through my mind:

"Hey, c'mon, sending again to MY?
But that's not tzedaka -that's a political donation.
And besides, you're already sending them a small amount monthly.
Better to send it to one of the relief-type tzedakos."

And my answer is:
"Uh, there will be no greater relief for Israel -- and hence the entire world --
in ALL things, when a man like Moshe Feiglin takes his seat in the Knesset.
It will trigger a transformation of the State of Israel and the entire People
of Israel. There can be no tzedakah more vital than this."

(And then I send it)

As I write this, 3 psukim about tzedakah come to mind that are so very inter-related to the cause of MY.

Tzion b'mishpat tipadeh v'shaveha bitzdakah.

V'haya maaseh hatzdakah shalom.

Tzedek tzedek tirdoaf

With Continuing Admiration,

A Supporter

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