Monday, December 24, 2012

Likud or Jewish Home?

By Shmuel Sackett

Dear Shmuel,

What you YOU done to stop the expulsion from Ulpana? Nothing. What have you done to get the Levy Report translated to English and adopted by Likud? Nothing.

You have been in Likud for many years and the world STILL thinks we are illegal occupiers. Hopefully Beit Yehudi will change this because Likud HASN'T.

Dear L.,

It is important to understand that Moshe Feiglin and I did not start "Manhigut Yehudit" to stop the expulsion from Ulpana, adopt the Levy report or even to build more houses in Jerusalem.

We did not begin this major undertaking to stop the settlement freeze, help Migron or even end the dream of a Palestinian state.

We started this in order to grab the reigns of leadership away from those who think that Israel is a Hebrew speaking Singapore.

Unlike others who are constantly running to extinguish one fire after another, Manhigut Yehudit is there to ACT and not REACT!

Yes, it is a slow process but one that – eventually – will insure that Israel will become a strong and proud Jewish state.

When that happens, questions like the Ulpana and the Levy Report will be ridiculous.

Please do not misunderstand me; It is also important to fight for the issues I stated above and we praise – and even help – those organizations who fight those battles.

It is just that I must state loud and clear that this is not OUR focus.

Never was, never will be.

Our focus is taking away the control of leadership from those who are guiding Israel on the wrong path – which ultimately leads us to the problems you stated.

Our plan is to cure the disease at the SOURCE and not just the SYMPTOM.

I hope this is clear.

Thank you for your question. 

-Shmuel Sackett

Co-founder and International Director

Manhigut Yehudit

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