Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Who Can Heal the Middle East?

By Moshe Feiglin

Two rulers have set their sights on the political vacuum that has been created in the Middle East: Ahmadinijad and Erdogan. Both seek to become the modern-day Salah-A-Din, who united the Arab nation under his rule. Both attempt to achieve their goal by beating the war drums against the Jews.

There is a third element in the Middle East – the only entity that can really make the region thrive and herald world peace: Israel.

Since Oslo, however, since the Prime Minister of Israel shook the hand of the head of the Organization to Liberate Israel from the Jews, confirming the justice of his claim of Arab ownership of the Land of Israel – an entire generation has grown up in Israel believing it is a guest in its own land and that the Arabs are its rightful owners.

No peace or prosperity can be heralded from this apologetic stance.

Israel's statesmen are now secretly attempting to convince the Turks to take responsibility for the region. But Erdogan will not do the job for us. He will not fight every terrorist who shoots at us from Syria, just like he did not fight the Lebanese or Gazan gangs. He will allow them to crush us into powder, while we, with our apologetic demeanor, will be incapable of reacting. After all, the missiles shot at us don't all come with a return address.

We will be defeated, just as we were defeated in Lebanon and in Gaza.

G-d works in wondrous way. Ultimately, we will be forced to connect to our identity and destiny. We will simply have no choice. 

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