Friday, March 07, 2014

Moshe Feiglin to Police Chief: Law and Order Must Rule our Streets, not Underworld

In an important session in the Knesset Interior Committee on the upsurge in crime in Israel, Moshe Feiglin told the Chief of Police that despite the statistics that show improvement, there is crime in the streets and people are afraid ”Everyone is worried about the fact that there are home-made bombs going off in the Tel Aviv region. But that does not concern me,” Feiglin said. “What concerns me is what these bombs represent.  They represent underworld turf wars. Small businesses are forced to pay protection money to the underworld. And when they pay, they know they are protected. The State’s laws are irrelevant to them, but the mob and its laws rule the streets.”
“This has terrible implications,” Feiglin continued. “A state cannot exist without a competent police force.”
Feiglin says Israel’s police should follow the Giuliani paradigm:  Zero tolerance for small crime. “This gives the average person the feeling that law and order has returned to their neighborhoods,” declared Feiglin. “That means that if there is a gang of punks scaring people in the shopping mall, the police take care of the problem from start to finish. People have to have the feeling that no crime is too small for police attention.  Take care of hooliganism and harassment.”
“ It is a problem of governance, not reports and statistics,” Feiglin asserted. ” The police must restore the government to control of our streets and neighborhoods.”

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