Monday, March 03, 2014

This Week with Moshe Feiglin

By Shmuel Sackett
Thought you might like to see what is going on this week with MK Moshe Feiglin
Monday, 2 Adar Bet/March 3
Moshe Feiglin will participate in a Knesset Interior Committee meeting that will establish a sub-committee specifically on the rights of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.
Moshe Feiglin to speak with pre-army preparatory group from Maayan Baruch on the topic of Human Rights(both religious & non religious students).
Meeting with Manhigut Yehudit activists from throughout the country at 7 pm in the Manhigut Yehudit Jerusalem offices, 7 Shtenner St., Giv'at Shaul. Moshe Feiglin, Michael Fuah and Shai Malkah will make presentations. 
Moshe Feiglin to participate in a panel examining solutions for kashrut certification in Israel.

Tuesday, 3 Adar Bet/March 4
Moshe Feiglin to chair the Knesset Plenum at 7 pm.

Wednesday, 4 Adar Bet/March 5
Meeting with university campus activists of "Im Titzu", who confront anti Zionist propaganda on campus.
Working meeting on Moshe Feiglin's legislative proposal for road safety and personal responsibility.

Thursday, 5 Adar Bet/March 6
Moshe Feiglin will attend the National Memorial Service for former PM Menachem Begin at the Mount of Olives.

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