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A Rosh Hashanah Letter from Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Moshe Feiglin

A Rosh Hashanah Letter from 
Deputy Speaker of the Knesset
MK Moshe Feiglin

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to share with you below Moshe Feiglin's year-end letter to all his supporters, summarizing his accomplishments this last year.  As the letter makes clear, Moshe's agenda is guided not by political opportunism but by a holistic vision for what the State of Israel is meant to be. 

The media has tried to paint Moshe as an extremist and to make people fear him. However, when people see his message directly, the fear tends to melt.  People from all sides of the political spectrum are finding common cause with him on one issue or another and seeing themselves in his agenda and vision.

As Moshe has stated many times, the real conflict  is not between the Arabs and the Jews.  The real conflict  is between the Jews and the Jews over the nature of Israel's soul and purpose.  Moshe Feiglin is the political figure who most represents a return to our inner identity and mission in the world.  

Thanks to you, his supporters, this visionary leader has surmounted enormous opposition to rise to his current position of power and influence within the Likud and on the Israeli political scene.

As his letter makes clear, Moshe has been using his newly won power to translate his lofty vision into a concrete legislative agenda relevant to the daily lives of Israelis, and his popularity is growing exponentially. As a result, our goal of national leadership is no longer a starry-eyed dream.  It could realistically happen in 5775. 

The key is getting our message to people directly, and that takes substantial money.  The good news is that by US political standards, our political leadership campaigns are a bargain.  In the US, it takes about a billion dollars to wage a Presidential campaign and about $10 million on average to wage a Senate campaign.  To get Moshe elected Prime Minister, we need to raise $3 million.  With that, we can get our message to the people, and we will stand a good chance this time of winning.  The campaign for leadership has not officially begun, but we see strong signs that we'll be in a leadership race before the end of the secular year, and we need to begin our serious fundraising now.

Most Tzedakah is given to fund a specific concrete need, and that is certainly a good thing.  Our cause is unique.  Donations to Moshe Feiglin's campaign are funding a dream.  Like the re-birth of the State of Israel, it's a dream that our people has been dreaming about for 2,000 years and that seemed impossible just a few short years before it happened.  Those of us alive today with money in our pockets have a unique opportunity to actively participate in building that dream.  Please give at whatever level you can to help make this dream a reality. 

Please note that donations to the "Moshe Feiglin Campaign" are not tax deductible and must be made from personal funds only.  No corporate or "Foundation" funds are accepted. - Sorry, but we don't make the rules...

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With blessings for a sweet new year,

Shmuel Sackett        Shlomo Vile
International Campaign Manager   Campaign Resource Manager
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Letter from Moshe Feiglin

To my dear friends and partners,

A fruitful and breathtaking year has passed in the Knesset and I would like to summarize what has happened since last Rosh Ha'Shanah. We have focused our work in two main areas:
1)      Jewish liberty
2)      Jewish identity

Jewish Liberty

Education and Empowerment of the Family Unit

  • Sponsored a bill to tax a couple/family as such. This will provide true relief for the middle class as the current system actually hurts families financially.
  • Annulment of the 'marriage fine' for couples who work in a shared business.
  • Start of a process that will change the disgraceful treatment of divorced fathers.
  • Advancement of the restoration of responsibility for children's' education to parents and transition to the voucher method.

Health System

  • Sponsored a bill to foster rapid, professional and simple treatment with medical cannabis.
  • Beginning of a real change in providing cannabis to relieve the ill, as is accepted practice in the most respectable of countries. Our pressure produced results and more and patients are now authorized to enjoy this gift of G-d.

The Blight of Corruption

  • We have managed to prevent the Sarel Company ( a swamp of corruption that has drained the Health Ministry funds for the past 20 years) from receiving a deferral of tender for five years, worth 8 billion shekels (!).
  • We have begun to uncover the extravagant government funded pensions and are formulating a plan to deal with this important issue.

The Right to Bear Arms
  • Due to the increase in terror attacks, we have managed, for all practical purposes, to prevent the government from confiscation of most of the firearms owned and licensed to the public. Bearing arms for self defense is one of the most fundamental human rights and we managed to focus government supervision on firearms solely over security companies.

Jewish Identity

We have four major achievements this year on our Jewish identity program:

Religion and State
  • The 'One Chief Rabbi' bill that we initiated was passed by a large majority. This bill advances the Torah of Israel from community status to national status, as befits the Return to Zion.

Terrorist Release
  • The blood of Jews is not worthless. As you may remember, I was the only coalition MK to vote against the proposed state budget last year. My vote was my leverage against the terrorist release. As these lines are being written, we have been informed that the Prime Minister has toed the line and understands that Israel cannot continue with this ethical and diplomatic lapse.

Arab Verbal Violence in the Knesset: Delineating the Borders of Discourse
  • Within the framework of my role as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, when I chaired the plenum deliberations, we set borders on the 'understanding and containing' discourse that had allowed the Arab MKs to publicly identify with Israel's enemies. We set a rule that any invective against IDF soldiers from the Knesset lectern will result in the speaker's immediate removal from the plenum. The influence of this action still echoes in the chamber. This is actually the first time in ages that a nationalist force has begun to determine the borders of the discourse in Israel.

Last, Dearest and Most Important: The Temple Mount

  • The Temple Mount is the holiest place in the world to Judaism. It is the place that endows our entire reality in Israel, all our hopes and our future with significance. It is the first and foremost of all our aspirations. Despite all the pressure and attempts to prevent it, we led an historic deliberation in the Knesset on the question of Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.
Just a year ago, I was prohibited from ascending the Temple Mount with all sorts of excuses. I must share my feelings with you: On this issue, we merit true Heavenly help. I have the merit to ascend the Mount as a representative of the Nation of Israel. At this point, I do not enjoy complete freedom of movement on the Mount and the Dome of the Rock is still off limits to me. However, a positive process of change has begun. A new spirit drives the Jews ascending the Temple Mount and despite the intensifying Arab violence there, their numbers are growing, thank G-d.

Over the year, I have been much sought-after for interviews on varied issues and my Hebrew Facebook page has grown to 100,000 likes, from both Right and left. My feeling is that Israeli mentality has begun to hold a dialogue and is opening its mind to the Manhigut Yehudit alternative. This feeling has intensified over the last year.

The end of the year (this past summer), saw everyone, including ourselves, involved in the events in Gaza. We managed to keep our ideology and vision strong by focusing every statement we made on our ultimate goal; A strong and proud Jewish State!

We understood that it was important for the true solution to be publicly stated, so we said things and - literally - stood alone. "We must conquer Gaza," we said time and again. "But we must conquer Gaza in order to stay there and to make it a bustling Israeli city similar to Jaffa." This was a unique statement that could have emerged only from our study hall. It was accompanied by a detailed plan and realistic answers to the questions that arose. I was interviewed about this plan over 50 times including by the biggest international media outlets.

The end of the operation in Gaza left the problem simmering and additional rounds of fighting are anticipated. This clarified to all that the existing leadership does not have the capacity to deal with the problem. Despite Israel's military power, above and beyond Gaza's capabilities, the existing leadership can do nothing more than perpetuate the current situation. It is incapable of defining who the enemy is and what victory is.

It became clear that only we, who were able to say the simple words, "Gaza is ours," could construct from within that concept a strategy to deal with the root of the Hamas problem. We were able to say the words and to form the necessary tactics for a real and swift victory.

Those who truly struggled against the Oslo Accords and declared even then that "ZO ARTZEINU" (This is our Land); those who did not accept any type of foreign sovereignty in our Land; those who remained connected to the Temple Mount - only they are able to think out of the 'peace industry' and two state solution box, which has rendered the State of Israel incapable of winning its wars.

The foundation of Israel's flight from Gaza and its inability to return there stems from its lack of identity. If Israel cannot say: "Israel is first and foremost Jewish," it cannot return to rule Gaza. If we cannot return to rule Gaza, it is impossible to win this war. And if we cannot win in war, we cannot safeguard our dear state - not from its internal challenges or its external challenges.

The combination of our Identity track and our Liberty track is the key to success. It is the key to the new significance with which we strive to imbue our national and private lives.

There is no doubt that we have progressed a lot and our hearts are filled with thanksgiving to the Creator of the World.

The political reality in the State of Israel is full of surprises, and we do not know what the future holds. According to all the political pundits, this coming year could very well bring us to Likud primaries, and possibly to general elections.

Your support and enlistment now are important. Each and every one of you can get the word out by sharing our Facebook posts on social media far and wide and commenting on the page. And don't forget to talk about our Jewish Liberty, Identity and Meaning ideas at every opportunity.

Thank you for your support and loyalty. 

Wishing you a sweet and blessed new year.

Moshe Feiglin

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