Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Deputy Speaker of Knesset MK Moshe Feiglin: I Stand Behind Every Word on Sarel, Willing to Forgo Parliamentary Immunity

In a radio  interview, Sarel CEO Avi Buskila claimed that MK Feiglin is hiding behind his parliamentary immunity and that Feiglin never met the Sarel CEO and had never visited the company headquarters. MK Feiglin responded that “If the Sarel Company would like to prosecute me for slander, I will forgo my immunity and will be pleased to do so.”
As opposed to Buskila’s claims, MK Feiglin said that he met Buskila in the Knesset and asked him to provide answers to the questions about the Sarel Company that he had raised in the Knesset Committee.  “There is no reason to visit the company headquarters,” MK Feiglin added, “until the company does not provide answers regarding its conduct.”
“Nonetheless,” Feiglin clarified, “I respect the workers of the Sarel Company and am certain that they are faithfully fulfilling their duties. My claims are strictly against the Health Ministry and the Sarel Company’s executive level.

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