Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moshe Feiglin: High Court’s Power Must be Limited

MK Moshe Feiglin responded to Monday’s  Israel High Court ruling that it is illegal for Israel to hold African infiltrators in detention camps until a better arrangement is found for them. “I must remind you of an important point, “said Feiglin. ” When former Israeli High Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak said that for him, the State of Israel is a state of all its citizens, he admitted that the High Court is essentially the bitter enemy of the Jewish State. The justices are an elite that does not represent Israeli society or its values at all. This clique perpetuates itself by appointing like-minded candidates to serve in the High Court, clones itself and forces values foreign to the nation upon Israeli society.
“When I refused to appeal to the High Court after I was elected to the Likud and then bumped off the roster, ” Feiglin continued, “many people thought that I was crazy. But I was not willing to enter the Knesset as your representative by way of a decision of the judicial ‘sovereign’. The only sovereign is the nation.”
Feiglin recommends taking the immediate step that must be taken is to change the procedure for election of judges so that that candidates for the High Court would face a public hearing before the country’s elected officials, as is the case in the US.
“In addition,” he added, “the power that the High Court has to disqualify the legislation of the sovereign, the Knesset, must be severely limited. The Knesset legislators must be given the final word and the option of re-authorizing a bill disqualified by the High Court. 

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