Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Moshe Feiglin: New Zehut Party Will Allow Israelis to Choose their True Identity

“In the recent election”, said Moshe Feiglin, “Netanyahu pulled out the card that – as long as there is no true alternative to his premiership – will always win every sure loss for him. He pulled out the same card that carried him to victory in 1996 against all odds (against Shimon Peres). He pulled out the Jewish identity card.”

“In 1996, his campaign slogan was “Bibi is good for the Jews”, Feiglin continued.
“In 2015, his message was that the Left and the Arabs are bad for the Jews.
Those are the two sides of the same, Jewish identity coin.
Identity is the deep and determining foundation of every essential conflict in Israeli society. Netanyahu understands that well and knows how to pluck on those heartstrings when he is in dire straits.
In truth though, it is just deception.
Our role is to allow the Israeli public to choose identity. Not only in the elections, but in the most true and fundamental way, on the basis of a clear blueprint, positivity and relevance to every aspect of our national life. Jewish identity applies to Israel’s foreign affairs, to housing, education, health and every aspect of Israeli society.
We must allow ourselves the liberty to be ourselves and to choose our Jewish identity,” Feiglin concluded.

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