Monday, March 16, 2015

Moshe Feiglin to Netanyahu: Allow me to Visit the Temple Mount on my Son’s Wedding Day


25 Adar, 5775
March 16, ‘15

To Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Re: Request to Visit the Temple Mount on my Son’s Wedding Day
Dear Sir,
With G-d’s grace, my son, David, will be getting married tomorrow. David is the son who was critically injured in a car accident five years ago.
Words cannot express our excitement and gratitude with which our hearts are filled for the miracle that we have merited, as David, who was on the threshold of death is now about to wed and establish his own home.
Our disagreement over your policies on the Temple Mount and their implications for Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem is no secret. Your injunction prohibiting Knesset Members – the representatives of the sovereign –from visiting the Temple Mount is an outrage and unacceptable to me. Nevertheless, I expected that my discreet request of the police in this special situation would receive a positive answer.
From the answer that I received and the short amount of time that remains, I understood that I have no choice but to turn to you directly and openly, as a citizen to his prime minister.
I request and demand that you allow me to fulfill my right to visit the Temple Mount together with my son on his wedding day, as is the right of every citizen of Israel.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that I cannot make up at a later date.
Moshe Feiglin

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