Thursday, August 06, 2015

Feiglin joins advisory board of AICA

Contact – Joel Moskowitz 516-680-1874

New York: August 5, 2015

The America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) is proud to announce the addition of the Honorable Moshe Feiglin to its Israel Advisory Board.

Moshe Feiglin is the Founder and Chairman of the Zehut (Jewish Identity) Party, which seeks to lead Israel based on the concepts of identity, meaning and liberty. He is a former Member of Knesset (when he was in the Likud party) and served as the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset from 2013-2015.

During his term in the Knesset, Feiglin championed the call for increased legalization and use of medical cannabis. He has lectured on this topic quite extensively and has written about it in many forums. Feiglin has debated this issue with many cannabis opponents and is the #1 voice in Israel today on this issue.

ABOUT:  AICA, has been established by American entrepreneurs who are building an apolitical membership-based league to promote medical and biotech R&D and therapies, high tech solutions, education, investment and business between the Israeli cannabis industry and the expanding American market.  The flow of information, the education, the ideas, and the ultimate therapies for those benefitting from cannabis-based medical treatments will create comfort, relief and complete recoveries for patients and their families and friends as well as business opportunities for professionals within both the American and Israeli cannabis industries.
AICA is sponsoring the first ever international online conference for the medical cannabis, the Inaugural Virtual Medical Cannabis Conference and Exposition, to be held on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 in which Mr. Feiglin will be a featured speaker.  Please visit for more details.
For more information, please call direct to Joel Moskowitz at 516.680.1874.

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