Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Gay and Ultra Orthodox Rights in Jerusalem

By Moshe Feiglin

Feiglin reiterated his stand on homosexual rights, saying that he has discussed his ideas at length with members of the homosexual community many times. “In short,” said Feiglin, “the human rights of homosexuals (and all other people) must be strictly safeguarded. I will always go to bat for their rights, regardless of my personal beliefs.”
“I oppose, however, all types of coercion – religious or secular,” Feiglin continued.  “In my opinion, a gay parade in Jerusalem ( as opposed to Tel Aviv) is a clear example of coercion (and more than a few members of the LGBT community agreed with me on that point). The stubborn demand to flaunt their sexual preferences in the ultra-Orthodox community’s face – specifically in Jerusalem – has nothing to do with human rights. Actually, it infringes upon the human rights of the local community.
Those who freed the man who stabbed the marchers have a lot of explaining to do. And so do those who authorized the parade in Jerusalem,” Feiglin concluded.

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