Thursday, August 06, 2015

There is no Gay Pride Community, Only Individuals who are Different

By Rabbi Yisrael Rosen 
Dean of the Zomet Institute

[Even Bnei Noach] "do not write a Ketuva for males, and they do not weigh the flesh of a dead body openly in a shop" [Chulin 92b].

All of our hearts go out to the family of Shira Banki, who was murdered by a hateful sinner of the lowliest kind possible. It is an abject shame to hear about a life in its season of spring which was chopped off ahead of its time, and about a soul that was taken away by a lowly blood-spilling hand.

I might remain silent at this time if not for the widespread onslaught against the "extreme right," which is being used by the "gay community" to extort from ministers, MK's, and other public figures "a guarantee" of support for their demands for equal rights, for recognition of single-sex marriages, and to advance their position in society, among other things. Within this framework of "taking advantage of an opportunity," MK's from the right in general and from the Bayit Yehudi in particular were not allowed to express their opposition to the murder and to the lack of tolerance. And indeed the last few days have been characterized by a veritable parade of prominent politicians who are bowing down to the "idol of abomination" and taking it under their wing.

And this leads me to send a message to the leaders of the Bayit Yehudi Party. In the Bayit Yehudi there is no "gay community." Any organized group which flies a banner of perversion and entices others to join with pride – must remain outside the Bayit (the home).

Allow me to explain my position. I am not blind or deaf, and thank G-d I do not suffer from a blocked heart. On an individual level, my heart goes out to the individuals who are suffering. Some of them find respite within various frameworks, and I would recommend that they consider contacting"Kamocha," under the leadership of Rabbi Ahreleh Harel from Shilo. However, and this is the great travesty – What justification is there for organizing a community? What is there that calls for pride? Whoever is loyal to the values of the Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) to at least some degree knows that this is a case of being different from the norm and not something that calls for showing off. Modesty, not pride!

The clarion call for an organized community and lifting the heads high in order to set up "a different type of family" are attacks against the values of the Jewish home (and the Jewish state too). Woe to whoever agrees to gather this foreign culture into the Jewish home in order to placate the press or to gain political support.

To put it briefly: Personal understanding and compassion – Yes! Combining together into a community – Never! Consideration at a personal level for a situation that is discouraging – Yes! A colorful celebration and a parade – Never!

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