Friday, January 15, 2016

Big Brother Makes Aliyah

By Moshe Feiglin

The direction is clear. Instead of keeping out of every facet of our lives – and from the most important of all – our connection and responsibility toward our children, the State’s long arms are intruding into our lives more and more.
The role of the State should be to provide its citizens with security, a justice system and vital national infrastructure. Other than that, the role of the State is mainly not to interfere.
Israel is moving in precisely the opposite direction. Every 2.33 hours on average, an attempt is made to murder Jews. The State ignores its responsibility and calls upon its citizens to adjust to this insane reality. On the other hand, destructive State interference is growing in all the places that should be left to the responsibility of the citizens.
There is a fundamental connection between torture of arrested minors, barring legal counsel from a leftist activist, the biometric data base, the mad hunt after cannabis growers and users and the bad Free Mandatory Education Law (there are many more examples).  In all of these cases, the majority of the public is convinced that surrendering its liberty to Big Brother is worthy and the price they must pay. They do not see the sad state that Israel will be in at the end of this process.
Welcome to Israel, Big Brother.

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