Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweden's Afghan "Rapefugees"

By Ingrid Carlqvist 

  • Some 90 young men -- "mostly Afghan refugee kids," according to police -- were apprehended in connection with the mass sexual assaults at the concert.
  • A recurring theme in recent articles by prominent feminists is the assertion that ethnic Swedish men act exactly the same as migrant gang-rapists.
  • One can draw only one conclusion: Feminists would rather protect Muslim men from criticism than protect Swedish women from sexual assaults.
  • None of the women's shelters would admit that the mass sexual abuse of Swedish women might have anything to do with the perpetrators' ethnicity or religion. They did not wish to "generalize," they said -- then hung up.
  • What Swedish politicians intend to do about the "Rapefugees" that are now in the country is anyone's guess.
Scenes from a Malmö summer music festival... Left: Four young men surround and sexually assault a young woman. Right: Police arrest a suspect, as sexual assault victims cry in the background. The photographer reported that Swedish girls were sexually assaulted by groups of young men "of foreign background."
On New Year's Eve, the same kind of mass sexual assaults that happened to women in Cologne -- in Arabic called the "Taharrush" game -- also took place in Sweden, but the police and the media have chosen to bury the information. The men, it turned out, were mainly Afghan, and claiming to be "unaccompanied refugee children."
In reality, many of them are much older than 18, and are now commonly referred to with the recently coined name, "Rapefugees," rather than "refugee children."

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