Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Letters, we get Letters.


Shalom Moshe,

My name is Amir Ben Basat.  I am 27 years old and a student at the Sapir College.

As a news and politics buff, I have been following you for many years, approximately from the time that you garnered enough political power and support in order to become the target of “Caesars” from both Left and Right.

I am a totally secular person. I even decided to forego my Bar Mitzva at the age of 13.

I wanted to thank you for emphasizing the importance of the values and traditions of the Jewish Nation. The safeguarding of our values and tradition has proven itself throughout Jewish history as the factor that managed to defend and protect us from enemies from within and without.

Your ability to provide a logical – and I believe realistic – solution for a hate-filled society divided between Right and Left, secular and ultra-Orthodox, your approach to human rights and your solution for the conflict are inspiring. While all the other political parties play the hatred and fear cards and intensify the rift and antagonism, you continue to speak in a respectful and tolerant manner to all facets of society – both to your supporters and your opponents. 

I plan to join the Zehut party and to help and support the party’s ideas.

I have one request of you: Continue with the excellent work that you are already doing. Keep up your integrity as a public figure and most important of all – don’t put together a party roster that does not fit the spirit of the party (as in the Jewish Home party and some of its representatives, who are messianic and full of hatred). 

Thank you once again for your contribution and critical, original thinking.

Amir Ben Basat

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